Q.) Highlight the reasons behind the Satnamis revolt against Mughals. Also discuss the Consequences. (Answer in 150 words) 10 marks

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    The ‘Satnami’ Sect is said to be an offshoot of Ravidasi sect and comprised of Lower strata of the Hindu Society, particularly, leather workers, sweepers, carpenters, Gold smith etc. The Satnami sect was founded by a saint named ‘Birbhan’ in 1657 in Naruaul in Haryana. The major religions activity of this sect is to chant and mediate the true names of God, specially Rama and Krishna.

    Reasons for Revolt

    • In 1672, the Satnamis rebelled against the mighty Mughal Empire. It all began with a small quarrel.
    • A Satnami youth, cultivating his field, got into a fight with a party of Mughal nobles, which resulted in his slaying by a Mughal Pyada or a foot soldier.
    • In retaliation, the fort soldier was killed by the Satnami Community.
    • The Satnamis attacked Naruaul, the main township in the area and destroyed the Mughal garrison. The even set up their own garrison.
    • The entrenched caste structure of the era forced marginalised groups to join the fold and they protested against the high taxation policies.


    • The rebellion was crushed when Aurangzeb himself took personal command and sent 10,000 troops with artillery to crush the Satnamis.
    • In the sort of a large battle, some 2000 Satnamis were Satnamis were slain. This was followed by an attempt to pursue and kill every member of the Satnami sect, thus a kind of genocide happened.
    • The remaining Satnamis fled in all directions and for a long time remained disorganized
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