About HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2024

Dear students,

We are happy to announce the launch of HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2024.

We all know that the level of HPAS Prelims Exam has been increased. If we analyse last year HPAS Prelims paper, then we can see that now multiple statement questions are asked.

So, it important to reorient your prepartion and strategy to changing needs of the exam. We, at Nimbus Academy for IAS, with our vast experience of successfully guiding and mentering students have been designed a pedagogical structure to provide a suitable strategy to our students to handle the different facets of HPAS Prelims Paper.

Each paper of HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2024 has been designed in a way that questions will check your clarity of thoughts, conceptional understanding and counsitenly of preparation.

Tips to Use HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2024:

To make best use of this test series, it is advisable to go though the schedule of the test series and make proper strategy with time bound revision. Then, appear in the tests only after proper preparation of particular test. Take every test as your final exam. Your main work will start after the result of your test. Give proper time to analyze each paper and revise again. Always keep in mind, the basic rule of success “Learn, Evaluate, Improve, Succeed”.


Salient features of HAS/HPAS-Prelims Test Series 2024:


  1. There will be total 25 Tests
  2. Comprehensive coverage of entire syllabus of HPAS Exam.
  3. Sectional Tests are designed in a manner that students can cover each subject comprehensively in sufficient time.
  4. All the tests are available online (in our Nimbus Academy app) as well as offline.
  5. Ranking among all the candidates will be provided showing your performance with pie charts and comparison with the topper for each test.
  6. Each test will consist of 100 multiple type questions.


All the details regarding dates and syllabus for HAS/HPAS PRELIMS TEST SERIES-2024 are given below. Please revise the Syllabus before each test.


Test No.
114/04/2024Geography-1• Physical Geography, Maps & World Geography
221/04/2024Geography-2• Indian Geography
328/04/2024History-1• Ancient, Medieval History and Art & Culture
404/05/2024HP GK-1• Geography & History of Himachal
505/05/2024History-2• Modern History
611/05/2024HP GK-2• Society & Culture & Economy of Himachal
712/05/2024Polity• Complete Syllabus
815/05/2024HP GK-3• Himachal Economic Survey
918/05/2024Economy• Complete Syllabus
1019/05/2024Current Affairs-1• National, Govt. Schemes, Science & Tech
1122/05/2024Science• Basic Physics, Chemistry & Biology
1225/05/2024Current Affairs-2• Defence, International, Person in News
1326/05/2024Environment• Complete Syllabus
1429/05/2024GS FLT-1• Full Length Test
1502/06/2024GS FLT-2• Full Length Test
1605/06/2024GS FLT-3• Full Length Test
1708/06/2024GS FLT-4• Full Length Test
1809/06/2024GS FLT-5 + CSAT-1• Full Length Test
1912/06/2024CSAT-2• Full Length Test
2015/06/2024GS FLT-6• Full Length Test
2116/06/2024GS FLT-7 + CSAT-3• Full Length Test
2223/06/2024GS FLT-8 + CSAT-4• Full Length Test



Prepared by team of Nimbus Academy for IAS



Rajeev Kumar

Deepak Bijalwan

Vishal Kalyan

Pranav Sharma

Kirandeep Kaur

Kailash Pandey


Note: The Institute can preponed or postponed or cancel any test in accordance with the final date of Exam.


Price List

20% Discount on HAS Pre Test Series (Coupon Code- HPS20)








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What will the starting date and schedule of HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2024?

The test will start from 14th April 2024 and there will be 2-3 tests every week. Date wise Schedule is mentioned above.

How can I get the tests if I buy the Test Series online.

There are two ways either you can get through Mail or you can get all the Tests in our App  “Nimbus Academy”

How will I get the tests if I buy this test series offline?

Either we can courier you or you can collect from our branch. But courier charges will be extra.

Is HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2024 is available in Hindi?

No, this year we are not Providing test series in Hindi.

Terms and conditions

1. Nimbus Academy reserves all rights to make any changes in HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2024 schedule/syllabus, if need so arises.

2. Nimbus Academy reserves all rights related to admission.

3. Students needs to provide HAS roll no. and details at officialnimbusias@gmail.com

4. Nimbus Academy has the right to publish the result for promotion, in case of selection of the students.