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Q1. Consider the following statements regarding SAKHI App, recently seen in news:


  1. It is a single sign-on platform for accessing social media for astronauts.
  2. It is a mobile application developed by a private company for ISRO.
  3. It allows astronauts to access vital technical information for the mission.
  4. It monitors the health status of astronauts during the mission.


How many of the statements given above are correct ?

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Q2. Which of the following statements accurately describes CRISPR-Cas9 technology ?

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Q3. Consider the following pairs[Exercise Name: Nations involved]


Yudh Abhyas –  India and France

Vajra Prahar –  India and USA

Cope India  – India and Seychelle


How many of the above pairs are correctly matched ?

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Q4. What is the rank of India in the World Happiness Report 2024 ?

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Q5. Recently, National Commission for Women signed an MoU with which security force to control human trafficking ?

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