HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2021

HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2021

HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2021 will support the candidates, through long months of preparation, to check their progress and improve their performance.Click here to know more:- 



HAS/HPAS MAINS Test Series 2020

Click here to know more:- 


HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2020


Our HAS/HPAS PRE Test Series is a benchmark program of Nimbus Academy for IAS. Every year hundreds of students get benefit of our HAS/HPAS PRE Test Series through online as well as offline mode. We are continuously analysing latest pattern and Making an efficient HAS/HPAS PRE Test Series for the aspirants. Through these tests students can assess themselves and will get mirror reflection of their preparation. Click here for more information






Executive officer/Secretary officer Test Series 2020

10 Tests Hindi/English with explanation @ 999 Rs. For more information click here




Tehsil Welfare officer Test Series 2020

10 Tests Hindi/English with explanation @ 999 Rs . For more information Click here.



HAS/HPAS-2019 Pre- Test Series


(Including subjective Tests, current Affairs from July 2018- May – 2019 Himachal GK tests, Full length Tests, for GS & CSAT – Available online and Offline)


Dear all HPAS- 2019 Aspirants,


We are pleased to inform you that we have launched our HPAS 2019 Pre test series. which will be available online as well as offline.The official notification for HPAS has been announced, so this is the time to excel your preparation with proper analysis


HPAS-2019 Pre test series is designed strategically to cover all the important aspect of the exam.


As per the trends, there are two major areas from where mostly questions has been asked. Firstly basic of all the subject (History, Polity, Geography, Economy, Environment /Ecology, Science), these will be covered through our subject wise NCERT tests. Secondly from Himachal general knowledge for which we have designed section wise tests after dividing the syllabus of HP-GK into 10 important sections.


Also HPAS 2019 Pre test series will include 20 full length tests for HPAS GS and 5 full length test for HPAS-CSAT. These tests are designed after the proper analysis of new pattern of the exam. HPAS-2019 Pre-test series will help you revising and analyzing your preparation and also to give you sufficient tests to practice before you go for final exam. Salient features, Details of the syllabus for each test and dates of exam are mentioned in the following links.




HAS/HPAS Mains 2019 – Test Series


This year we have come up with different strategy. As you have seen that each paper of HAS-Mains ie. GS-1, GS-2 & GS-3 is divided into three sub units.


So, we will be providing you tests by dividing the syllabus into three equal parts like first paper of GS-1 will consist Unit-1, Unit-2, and Unit-3 in 2nd Paper of Gs-1 will consist Unit-1, Unit 2 and so on. In this way students will get a well defined strategy to cover full syllabus with testing in a better way. Afterwards we will provide full legnth tests. Also, this year we are adding tests will model answer for Hindi, English and Easy Papers. Click here for more information


NIMBUS Test Series – 2018


Once again,
The Team of Nimbus Academy for IAS has Cracked the code of HAS Mains 2018. There was 85% similarity of Questions asked in HAS Mains 2018 from NIMBUS Test Series for HAS Mains 2018 and “Mainstorming” Course.




1st 10 Tests (GS) – BUY

2nd 10 Tests (GS) – BUY

20 Test Combine – BUY




10 Test with Model Answers – BUY

10 Test with Model answer and Evaluation – BUY




CSAT+GS (Pre cum Mains) – BUY