1. India ranked at fourth place on scoreboard in Asian –


  • India ranked at fourth place on the scoreboard in the Asian Games 2023 in Hangzhou.
  • The Indian athletes finished their campaign by living up to the commitment of “Iss baar 100 paar” with a record haul of 107 medals comprised of 28 gold, 38 silver, and 41 bronze.
  1. Ranked 1st scored by  People’s Republic of China with 383 medals
  2. Ranked 2nd scored by Japan with 188 medals
  3. Ranked 3rd scored by  Republic of Korea with 190 medals


  1. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Declares Dolphin As State Aquatic Animal –


  • Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has declared the Gangetic Dolphin as the state aquatic animal.
  • These dolphins are found in rivers like Ganga, Yamuna, Chambal, Ghaghra, Rapti, and Gerua.
  • The estimated population of Gangetic dolphins in Uttar Pradesh is estimated at around 2000.
  • Teams of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) and Forest Department have been recently counting dolphins with the help of GPS in Garh Ganga at Hapur district of Uttar Pradesh.


  1. A 6.3 magnitudeearthquake struck about 40km from the western city of Herat, Afghanistan recently –


  • In Afghanistan, the death toll from strong earthquakes has risen to over 2,400 as search and rescue efforts continue amid reports that some people may be trapped under collapsed buildings.
  • An earthquake is the shaking or trembling of the earth’s surface.It is caused by the seismic waves or earthquake waves that are generated due to a sudden movement (sudden release of energy) in the earth’s crust (shallow-focus earthquakes) or upper mantle (some shallow-focus and all intermediate and deep-focus earthquakes).
  • A seismograph, or seismometer, is an instrument used to detect and record earthquakes. Hypocentre/Focus: The point where the energy is released.Epicentre: The point on the surface directly above the focus.
  • Causes of Earthquakes:-
  • Fault Zones/ Plate tectonics
  • Volcanic activity/ Human-Induced Earthquakes