Dear Aspirants!

We are pleared to announce our HAS/HPAS Mains Test Series-2024. We have deeply analysed the pattern of HAS/HPAS Mains Examination and also the trend of question for last 3 years. Keeping in mind the changing pattern, it is important to focus on answer writing practice. For that aspirant need a dedicated test series.

At Nimbus Academy, we have team of experts who is working on HAS/HPAS mains test series 2024 and will provide you best paper to evaluate & improve your self.

Every year, many students get benefit from our HAS/HPAS Mains Test Series. Students can appear in these tests in our institute i.e. Chandigarh and Shimla. HAS/HPAS Mains Test Series 2024 is also available online and students can send their answer sheet through online mode.

Schedule for HAS MAINS TEST SERIES 2024

7th July 2024Mock 1GS – 1 (Excluding HP GK)
14th July 2024Mock 2GS – 2 (Excluding HP GK)
21st July 2024Mock 3GS – 3 (Excluding HP GK)
28th July 2024Mock 4HP GK (Full Syllabus)
3rd Aug. 2024Mock 5Hindi
4th Aug. 2024Mock 6GS – 1 (Full Syllabus)
10th Aug. 2024Mock 7English
11th Aug. 2024Mock 8GS – 2 (Full Syllabus)
17th Aug. 2024Mock 9Essay
18th Aug. 2024Mock 10GS – 3 (Full Syllabus)
15th Sep. 2024Mock 11GS – 1 (Full Syllabus)
22th Sep. 2024 MMock 12GS – 2 (Full Syllabus)
29th Sep. 2024Mock 13GS – 3 (Full Syllabus)
5th Oct. 2024Mock 14Hindi
6th Oct. 2024Mock 15English
7th Oct. 2024Mock 16Essay
8th Oct. 2024Mock 17GS – 1 (Full Syllabus)
9th Oct. 2024Mock 18GS – 2 (Full Syllabus)
10th Oct. 2024Mock 19GS – 3 (Full Syllabus)

Salient features of HAS/HPAS Mains Test Series

  • There will be total 19 Tests including 4 Sectional Tests, 9-Full Length
    Tests, 2-Easay, 2-Hindi and 2-Enlgish Test. ​
  • Model answers of all the tests will be provided.
  • Evaluation for all the tests will be provided with proper mentorship.
  • Personal Mentorship also provided.

Note: The Institute can prepond or postpond or cancel any test in accordance with final date of Exams.