1. Farsi as India’s New Classical Language –


  • In a noteworthy development aimed at strengthening cultural ties, the Government of India, under the New Education Policy, has decided to include Farsi (Persian) as one of the nine classical languages of India.
  • This announcement was made by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar during a two-day visit to Iran, highlighting the cultural, literary, and linguistic connections between Iran and India .
  • Farsi, also known as Persian, is an Indo-Iranian language belonging to the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian languages.
  • It has a rich historical and cultural significance, not only in Iran but also in the broader Persian-speaking world. The language is known for its extensive literary heritage, with poets like Rumi and Hafez making significant contributions to Persian literature .
  • Before Farsi’s inclusion, India recognized six languages as classical: Tamil (2004), Sanskrit (2005), Kannada (2008), Telugu (2008), Malayalam (2013), and Odia (2014). The criteria for declaring a language as ‘Classical’ include a recorded history of 1500-2000 years, a valuable heritage of ancient literature, an original literary tradition, and distinctness from modern forms or offshoots .


  1. TCS ranked second most valuable IT brand in global list –


  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a prominent name in the global IT services sector, has achieved a significant milestone by being rated the second most valuable IT services brand in the world, according to the 2024 Global 500 IT Services Ranking by Brand Finance. This achievement underscores TCS’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and global expansion, positioning it as a leader in the technology industry.
  • TCS’s brand value saw an impressive surge to $19.2 billion in 2024, up from $17.2 billion in 2023. This 11.5% year-over-year growth is the highest absolute value growth among the top 25 leading IT firms globally .
  • Industry Leadership: The company’s significant brand value increase reflects its industry leadership and commitment to innovation. TCS has retained its AAA- brand rating, with its Brand Strength Index improving from 82 to 84 .
  • TCS’s achievement as one of the world’s most valuable IT services brands demonstrates its consistent investment in brand strength and market leadership .
  • TCS’s strategic investments in AI-readiness and sustainability initiatives have been pivotal in enhancing its brand value and market position .
  • The company has actively expanded its global footprint through participation in major industry forums, digital channels, social media, and leadership in industry analyst reports. These efforts have significantly boosted TCS’s global brand recognition .
  • TCS has built the world’s largest sponsorship portfolio in the technology sector, including 12 marathons and running platforms such as the TCS New York City Marathon and the Tata Mumbai Marathon. This unique marketing approach has contributed to its brand visibility on a global scale .


  1. LIC overtakes SBI to become the most valuable PSU –


  • In a significant turn of events, the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) has not only staged an impressive comeback but has also surpassed the market capitalization of the State Bank of India (SBI). This article explores the recent surge in LIC’s share price, its journey since listing, and the factors contributing to its remarkable revival.
  • LIC’s share price gained over 2% in morning trades, propelling its market capitalization to cross the ₹5.8 Lakh Crore mark. Touching 52-week highs of ₹919.45 a piece, LIC’s market cap now stands higher than that of the State Bank of India (SBI), signalling a significant milestone for the insurance giant.
  • Post-listing, LIC faced downward pressure until March 2023, reaching an all-time low of ₹530. However, a remarkable turnaround occurred from November, witnessing a gain of over 50%. December saw an impressive surge of 22.66%, and the positive momentum continued into 2024, with a gain of over 10%.