1. UAE Inaugurates World’s Largest Single-Site Solar Power Plant –


  • The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has inaugurated the world’s largest single-site solar power plant, the 2-gigawatt (GW) Al Dhafra Solar Photovoltaic (PV)Independent Power Project (IPP).
  • The plant, located 35 kilometers from Abu Dhabi city, will generate enough electricity to power almost 200,000 homes and is expected to displace 2.4 million tonnes of carbon emissions annually.
  • The project was inaugurated by Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Ruler of Abu Dhabi, and emphasized the importance of the plant as a symbol of progress in solar power efficiency, innovation, and cost competitiveness.
  • The project aligns with the UAE’s Net Zero 2050 goal, reinforcing its leadership in solar energy production on a per capita basis.
  • The project is also a testament to the UAE’s commitment to hosting a successful COP28. The country will host the United Nations Climate Change Conference from November 30th to December 12 this year.


  1. Israel and the Palestinian terror group Hamas agreed to the release of 50 hostages held in Gaza and a temporary pause in fighting –


  • Both Israelis and Palestinians have been in a struggle for self-determination and sovereignty over the territory, developing respective movements for their causes. (India, Israel and Palestine)
  • Both Palestinians and Israelis see the territory between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea as their own, and Christians, Jews, and Muslims all hold parts of the land as sacred.
  • The past seven decades have brought war and uprisings. (15th India-Israel Joint Working Group)
  1. Ottoman Empire- The Ottoman Empire had controlled that part of the Middle East from the early 16th century until control of most of the region was granted to the British after World War I.
  2. 1947- UN resolution- urging the partition of the land into two independent states — one Arab and one Jewish.
  3. 1948- Israel declares independence- Israel declared independence in May 1948.
  4. 1967- the Six-Day War
  5. 1987- First intifada- A Palestinian uprising, or intifada, brings largely spontaneous clashes, protests, and civil disobedience against Israeli occupation in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel, leading to harsh Israeli military crackdowns.
  6. 1993- Oslo Accords- The first of two pacts, known as the Oslo Accords, was signed between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO).
  7. 2006- Hamas elected in Gaza- Israel withdrew its troops from Gaza in 2005.
  8. 2017-S. recognizes Jerusalem as capital
  9. 2022- Netanyahu sworn in for sixth term


  1. Dutch election: Far-right’s Wilders aims to be PM after shock win –


  • In a surprising turn of events, Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party (PVV), secured a landmark win in the recent Dutch elections, signaling a growing shift towards far-right ideologies in Europe. Wilders, known for his anti-immigration stance and admiration for leaders like Donald Trump and Viktor Orban, is eyeing the position of the Netherlands’ next prime minister.
  • Wilders’ victory serves as a warning to mainstream parties across Europe, setting the stage for the upcoming European Parliament elections.
  • The prevailing issues of immigration, cost of living, and climate change are expected to dominate the political discourse.
  • While Wilders advocates for a return to Dutch values and expresses anti-Islam and anti-EU sentiments, the radical aspects of his agenda, such as leaving the EU or banning the Koran, face strong opposition from potential coalition partners.
  • Coalition talks are anticipated to be prolonged, emphasizing the need for compromise.