CAA rules expected  to seek ‘proof of religion’

  • In its new announcement, the government has eased the conditions for prospective buyers compared to its proposal in 2018. A look at what the national carrier has to offer:
  • Air India’s fleet consists of 146 aircraft, 56% of which are owned by it while the others are leased.
  • It holds 50% of the market share of international operations served by Indian carriers.
  • There are 4,400 airport slots in India and 3,300 in 42 foreign countries for at least 6 months.
  • The brand has three logos – Maharaja, Flying Swan and Sun.


West Bengal passes  anti-­CAA resolution

  • The West Bengal Assembly on Monday passed a resolution urging the Union government to repeal the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA), making the State the fourth, after Kerala, Punjab and Rajasthan, to confront the Centre on the issue.
  • The resolution said since the Act was passed, therewas violence in “almost every State.”
  • It said that in the CAA, “religion has been used as a yardstick to measure eligibility to apply for citizenship” and “the ruling party in the Centre has been driving a wedge among the people using religion [thus] damaging human rights”.


HPU ex-professor gets Padma Shree

  • Prof Abhiraj Rajinder Mishra has served as professor, head and Dean, Languages, in HPU.
  • He Served for two-and-a-half decades in HPU and is one of the founders of the Sanskrit Department in the university.
  • Prof Mishra is the first scholar from HP University to have received Padma Shree.