China reaches accord with India on LAC spat

  • The Chinese Foreign Ministry said both sides had agreed to handle the situation “properly” and “in line with the agreement” to ease the situation, but did not provide specific details on some of the stand­off points, such as Pangong Lake, where Chinese troops are still present on India’s side of the LAC.
  • As per the agreement, a series of ground ­level talks would be held over the next 10 days, with four other points of conflict identified at PP15, PP17, Chushul and the north bank of Pangong Lake.


Centre releases over ₹6,000 crore to States

  • The Centre released ₹6,195 crore to 14 States on Wednesday, as the third equated monthly installment of the Post Devolution Revenue Deficit Grant as recommended by the 15th Finance Commission. “This would provide them additional resources during the Corona crisis,” Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in a tweet.
  • Kerala received the highest amount of almost ₹1,277 crore, followed by ₹952 crore for Himachal Pradesh and ₹638 crore for Punjab.