Tripura HC says social media posting a fundamental right

  • In a landmark order, the Tripura High Court has ordered the police to refrain from prosecuting a man who was earlier arrested over a social media post. Chief Justice Akil Kureshi also barred the police from making any further arrests in connection with the case.
  • Mr. Bhattacharjee had in his Facebook page criticised the Bharatiya Janata Party’s online campaign in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and warned people to not dial a given phone number even by mistake. “If you call 8866288662, all your data would go to hackers,” he had commented in his post, inviting the ire of the BJP’s IT Cell, which responded with a police complaint.
  • The Chief Justice in his order remarked that posting on social media was tantamount to a “fundamental right” applicable to all citizens, including government employees.


Pongal spells peril for Salem’s foxes

  • With Kaanum Pongal, the fourth and final day of the harvest festival, less than a week away, Forest Department officials in Salem are gearing up to prevent an unusual jallikattu — one that uses foxes instead of bulls.
  • The animals are muzzled and their hind legs tied with rope. After special rituals are conducted, the hapless animals are chased through the streets, much like bulls in the more conventional jallikattu. After the event, the animals are released into the forest.
  • Despite a ban, the event has been organised for decades now. District Forest Officer A. Periasamy said, “We have fined the violators earlier for organising the event and trespassing into forest areas and this year too, we will take stern action.”


HC issues guidelines for appointing guardians

  • An individual who seek to be appointed as guardian for a person lying in comatose state will have to first approach the court for tho- rough verification, the Delhi High Court has said while is- suing a slew of guidelines on the issue.
  • The guidelines state that a person who seek to be appointed as guardians shall in his or her petition to the court disclose the details of all tangible and intangible assets of such an individual.