GST: Centre to borrow for States

  • States should undertake market borrowings to bridge the ₹1.1 lakh crore of GST compensation shortfall this year, stating that the Government of India (GOI) will now undertake the required borrowings in tranches and pass them on to the States as “back­-to-­back loans” that will reflect on their own books.
  • States undertake the borrowings to meet the shortfall, with principal and interest repayments to be paid from future GST collections.
  • Economists welcomed it as a cleaner way of raising the necessary funds swiftly and bringing the focus back to fighting the pandemic.


No end to violence against women: SC

  • The Supreme Court on Thursday said crimes against women continued in a “never-­ending cycle” in India.
  • Women in India faced violence and discrimination in one form or the other in their various roles as daughter, sister, wife, mother, partner or single woman.
  • Women continue to be vulnerable to these crimes because of non-­retaliation, coupled with absence of laws addressing their rights and ignorance of the existing statutes. Societal attitude, stigma and conditioning also made women vulnerable to domestic violence.
  • It said the progress of any society depended on its ability to protect and promote the rights of women. The observations came in a judgment that held that the relief granting right to residence to a married woman under the domestic violence law by a criminal court was relevant and could be considered even in civil proceedings seeking her eviction from the matrimonial home.