Opposition steps up stir against citizenship law

  • The Opposition on Monday stepped up protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) with the Congress holding a ‘Satyagraha for unity’ at Mahatma Gandhi’s memorial Rajghat, while demonstrations were held against the Act in several States by students and others.
  • Countering the Opposition offensive, the BJP held a rally in Kolkata in support of the Citizenship Act that was addressed by party working president J.P. Nadda and several State leaders, who accused the Trinamool Congress and other rival parties of misleading the people.
  • Thousands of people from the Muslim community took to the streets in the Karnataka capital, Bengaluru, against the CAA and the pro- posed National Register of Citizens (NRC), following a call by around 35 organisations under the banner of the Joint Action Committee of Bengaluru.



South has higher prevalence of mental disorders: study

  • Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh account for a higher prevalence of mental disorders that manifest primarily during adulthood in depression and anxiety, according to the first comprehensive estimates of disease burden attributable to mental health from 1990 prepared by the India State­ Level Disease Burden Initiative and published in the Lancet Psychiatry.
  • In total, 45.7 million people had depressive disorders, as one in three years lost due to a mental disorder was due to depression. This was followed by anxiety — a total of 44.9 million people suffered from it and it ac- counted for the loss of 1 in 5 years.
  • Prevalence of depressive disorders was highest in Ta- mil Nadu (loss of 836 years per 1 lakh population ), Kerala (loss of 641 years), Goa (loss of 626 years) and Telangana (loss of 756 years) in the high SDI State group and Andhra Pradesh (loss of 793 years) in the middle SDI State group.
  • Similarly, anxiety disorders were found to be more common in Kerala (loss of 383 years per 1 lakh population), Himachal Pradesh (loss of 329 years), Tamil Nadu (loss of 325 years), Karnataka (loss of 324 years), Telangana (loss of 324 years), and Maharashtra (loss of 324 years) in the high SDI State group and Andhra Pradesh (loss of 328 years), Manipur (loss of 360 years), and West Bengal (loss of 331 years) in the middle SDI State group.