Working with China to resolve LAC issue peacefully, says MEA

  • Indian and Chinese sides remain “engaged” through diplomatic and military channels in Delhi and Beijing and at the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in order to resolve the situation along the boundaries in Ladakh and Sikkim, the government said on Thursday.
  • Indicating that India would not accept U.S. President Donald Trump’s offer to mediate between the two countries, it said the matter was being discussed bilaterally.

Infra work in border areas to continue

  • There will be no let up in the infrastructure development on the border with China despite the continuing standoff along the Line of Actual Control, a defence source told The Hindu on Thursday.


Don’t charge migrants bus or train fare, says SC

  • The Supreme Court on Thursday forbade the Railways and the State governments from exacting train or bus fares from stranded migrant workers waiting to return home amid the national lockdown.
  • The court directed that the State from where workers started their journey and the State where they were  headed should pool their travel expenses between them. Workers waiting for transport should be provided shelter, food and water by the State responsible.

Students of School of Open Learning vote against online examinations

  • According to a survey by students’ group KYS, about 84% of students belonging to Delhi University’s School of Open Learning voted against conducting online examinations.
  • Out of about 10,000 students who participated in the “referendum” it organised, 84.4% said that they did not want exams to be conducted while about 70% said that they did not own functional computers or smartphones required for the exercise. Along the lines of other such surveys conducted by teachers and students’ bodies, the group reported that a majority of students said they did not have a suitable atmosphere to study at home. The group highlighted that the move would disproportionately affect SOL students as many are from poor backgrounds.


Spray pesticides to deal with possible locust attack: govt.

  • The Delhi government has issued an advisory for spraying of pesticides to deal with a possible locust attack in the Capital, said Cabinet Minister Gopal Rai on Thursday.
  • It also directed that awareness programmes be organised for the public and farmers to prevent and control any such invasion by locusts in Delhi. “As the swarm usually flies in the day time, and rests during night time, therefore, the locusts should not be allowed to rest, especially during the night,” it said.