Centre limits duration of online school sessions

  • For Pre-Primary students, not more than 30 minutes a day to be spent by teachers in interacting with parents.
  • For classes 1 to 8, not more than two sessions of online classes of 30-45 each can be held.
  • For classes 9 to 12, not more than four sessions of online classes of 30-45 minutes each can be held.
  • Teachers are recommended to adopt the academic calender of NCERT at http://ncert.nic.in/aac.html
  • instant messaging groups/emails involving parents to be used for sharing important information and resources.
  • Teachers are instructed to make students aware of Cyber bullying.


India dropped for not involving actively in rail project, says Iran

  • Iran dropped India from the Chabahar rail project because of “absence of active Indian engagement,” Iranian sources said on Tuesday.
  • Iran remains open to all, including India, for collaboration and investment but Tehran expects future projects should be safeguarded from third party unilateral sanctions.
  • Though India secured exemption for the Chabahar port from U.S. sanctions, bilateral ties with Iran took a hit in February after the riots in Delhi drew condemnation from Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif.


ICMR caution on itolizumab, tocilizumab

  • There is yet no evidence from trials that itolizumab and tocilizumab, two drugs, one of which has been developed by Bengaluru­based Biocon Biologics, reduce death in severely ill COVID­19 patients, Director General of the ICMR Balram Bhargava said at a Health Ministry press briefing on Tuesday.
  • Both drugs are lab­cloned antibodies, and work at thwarting or reducing a rush of chemicals called pro­inflammatory cytokines that are released by the immune system to counter the coronavirus attack on lung cells.