From 17 to 25th November 2018, the 9-day 14th edition of Jashne Bachpan, a theatre festival for children, commenced at the Sammukh, Abhimanch, Abhikalp and Little Theatre Group (LTG) auditorium in New Delhi.
The theatrical event will conclude on November 25, 2018.
To bring theatre into prominence.
Key Points:
i. The festival has been organized by National School of Drama’s (NSD) Theatre in Education (TIE) Company.
ii. It will witness 21 productions from India and 3 foreign groups including Sri Lanka (non-verbal), Switzerland (English) and Indonesia (Javanese).
iii. The plays will be performed in vernacular languages like Bengali, Marathi, Assamese, and Malayalam besides non-verbal, English, Hindi and other foreign languages.
iv. The plays during the festival have been divided into four categories. They are:

By children, by children and adults, by adults for children and puppetry performances.
v. This concept will encourage children to incorporate art and culture along with entertainment.
National School of Drama’s (NSD):
♦ Headquarters: New Delhi.
♦ Director In-charge: Shri. Suresh Sharma.