On October 28, 2018, United Nations (UN) announced launch of a project on creating an “inventory” on intangible legacy of India.
Also the UN house has been dedicated for preserving the Indian Heritage and Culture.
About the Project:
i. This project dubbed- A snapshot inventory of intangible cultural heritage, will be launched to protect the disappearing intangible cultural heritage of India.
ii. This will include art forms, craftsmanship and other intangible cultural heritage of the country.
iii. The “Wiki-styled project” would be executed through “crowd-sourcing”.
iv. The project would be documenting the sounds, sights, techniques, styles, though photographs or other audio-visual medium for a span of 1 year.
v. For the implementation of the project, UN with its own agencies like UNESCO and UNDP, will also collaborate with several ministries, such as the Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Textiles.
i. A total of 13 intangible cultural heritage elements from India have been inscribed till date on the UNESCO’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
ii. Prior to this, on October 24, 2018, United Nations had dedicated its iconic campus in New Delhi. The UN House has been designed by noted American architect Joseph Allen Stein in Lodhi Estate area.
♦ Headquarters: New York.
♦ Founded: 24, October 1945