On October 14, 2018, the World Bank announced funding of up to $1 billion to the Government of Indonesia for relief and reconstruction efforts in the disaster-affected areas of Lombok and Sulawesi.

  1. It would be guided by a US$5 million grant for technical assistance for resilient and community-led reconstruction detailed planning.
  2. The Package will include the following:
  • Cash transfers to the poorest 150,000 affected families for a period between 6 months to one year,
  • Finance rebuilding of critical public facilities and infrastructure assets: hospitals, schools, bridges, roads, highways, water supply infrastructure,
  • Strengthening monitoring and early warning systems,
  • Reconstruction of housing settlements and neighborhood level infrastructure and services.

Other News:

  1. According to a survey by the World Bank, The estimated physical loss is around $531 million (IDR 8.07 trillion). It is detailed as follows:
  • Residential housing – approximately US$181 million (IDR 2.75 trillion)
  • Non-residential sector – approximately US$185 million (IDR 2.82 trillion)
  • Infrastructure – approximately US$165M (IDR 2.5 trillion).
  1. This report does not account for loss of life, lost land or the disruption to the economy through lost jobs, livelihoods and business.


♦ Capital: Jakarta.

♦ Currency:  Indonesian rupiah.

♦ President: Joko Widodo.