About HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2021

Our HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series is a benchmark program of Nimbus Academy for IAS. Every year hundreds of students get benefit of our HAS/HPAS Test Series through online as well as offline mode. The Preliminary test is the first and most important stage of Himachal Pradesh Administrative Services Exam, as the journey to your dream job starts from this step. Every year around 40 thousand candidates appear in this exam. The questions asked in HAS/HPAS-Prelims Exam are in the MCQ form and mostly Factual in nature.

To crack HAS/HPAS-Prelims Exam, it is very important to study according to the need of the exam based on new pattern and syllabus. All the toppers recommend test series an important tool for this exam.

Our Strategy


In line with our motto ‘evaluate you before actual exam’, we are pleased to announce the launch of HAS/HPAS-Prelims Test Series 2021 from 2nd March, 2021. Every year hundreds of candidates take our test series and make it to the mains exam.
HAS/HPAS Prelims Test Series 2021 will support the candidates, through long months of preparation, to check their progress and improve their performance.

Salient features of HAS/HPAS-Prelims Test Series 2021

1. There will be total 50 Tests (20-Sectional Tests, 10-HP-GK Tests, 5-Current Affairs tests, 10- GS Full Length Tests, 5-CSAT Full Length tests).

2. All the tests are available online (in our Nimbus Academy app) as well as offline.

3. Ranking among all the candidates will be provided showing your performance with pie charts and comparison with the topper for each test.

4. All Full Length tests (10-GS & 5-CSAT) will be with detailed explanation

5. Each test will consist of 100 multiple type questions.
Total 50 tests consist of;
Polity Tests-4
History Tests-4
Geography tests-4
Economy tests-4
Environment & Ecology-2
General Science-1
Himachal Gk tests-10
Current Affairs tests-5
Economic survey and Budget-1
GS-Full length tests-10
CSAT-Full Length tests-5
Price 2499/-


All the details regarding dates and syllabus for HAS/HPAS PRE Test Series are given below. Please revise the Syllabus before each test.

Test No.
12/3/2021History-1 (Ancient History)"• Stone Age
• Harappan Civilization
• Advent of Aryans and the Age of the Rig Veda
• The Later Vedic Phase. • Jainism • Buddhism • Bhagwatism
• Vaishnavishm • Shaivism
• Mauryas • Satvahanas
• History of Deep South
• Post Mauryan Age • Guptas
• Civilization in Eastern India
• Harsha Kingdom
• Social Changes (Rise of Landed Classes)
24/3/2021Current Affairs-1(April, May, June)-2020
36/3/2021History-2 (Medeavial History)"• The Pratiharas, The Rashtrakutas, The Palas
• The Chola Empire
• Religious Movements and Beliefs (800-1200)
• Ghaznavids, Rajput States
• Turkish Conquest
• Delhi Sultanate (1200-1300)
• Delhi Sultanate (1300-1400)
• Government and Economic and Social life under the Delhi Sultanate.
• The age of Vijanagra and the Bahamanids the coming of the Portuguese.
• Empires in North India (1400-1525)
• Cultural Development in India (1200-1500)
• Struggle for Empire in North India (1525-1555)
• Age of Akbar, Jahangir, Shah Jahan
• The Deccan and South India (upto 1650)
• Aurangzeb
• Economic and Social life under Mughals
• Cultural and Religious Developments during Medieval period
• The rise of Marathas
• Decline of Mughal Empire. "
47/3/2021Current Affairs-2(July, August, September)-2020
59/3/2021History-3 (Modern History-1)"• Advent of the Europeans in India
• Later Mughals
• Consolidation of British Power in India
• Revolt of 1857
• Reform Movements
• Beginning of Modern Nationalism in India
• Indian National Congress: foundation and the Moderate Phase
• National Movement 1905-1918 "
611/3/2021Current Affairs-3(October, November)-2020
713/3/2021HP-GK-1"• Lakes
• Mountains/Peaks
• Rivers
• Valleys
• Glaciers "
814/3/2021History-4 (Modern History-2)"• Nationalism (1919-1939)
• Emergence of Gandhi
• Civil Disobedience Movement and Round table Conferences
• Nationalism Response in the wake of world War-II
• Quit India Movement • Demand for Pakistan
• Constitutional, Administrative and Judicial Developments
• British Policies in India
• Economic Impact of British Rule in India
• Development of Press • Development of Education
• Peasant Movements • The Movements of working class "
916/3/2021Current Affairs-4December'20, January'21
1018/3/2021HP-GK-2• Tribes (Ancient and Modern)
• Places and Personalities
• Books and Authors
1121/3/2021Polity-1"• Making of Indian Constitution
• Preamble • Citizenship
• Historical Background
• Fundamental Rights • Fundamental Duties
• Directive Principles of state Policy
• Amendments • Basic Structure
1223/3/2021Current Affairs-5(February, March, April)-2021
1325/3/2021HP-GK-3"• Social life and Customs
• Census "
1427/3/2021FLT-GS-1 GS (Full Length Test) -1
1528/3/2021Geography-1"• Geography as a Discipline
• The Earth-Its Origin and Evolution
• Interior of the Earth
• Materials of the Earth's Crust
• Earth Movements, Volcanoes and Earthquakes
• Landforms and Their Significance
• Soils
• The Underground Water
• The Process of Gradation
• Composition and Structure of the Atmosphere
• Insolation and Temperature
• Atmospheric Pressure, Winds and Airmasses
• Moisture in the Atmosphere,
• Classification of Climates
• The Profile of the Ocean Floor
• Ocean Waters and Their Circulation
• Marine Life and Deposits
• Man and Oceans
• The Biosphere "
1630/3/2021Polity-2"• Parliamentary System
• Federal System
• Centre State Relations
• Emergency Provisions
• President
• Vice President
• Prime Minister
• Council of Minister
• Cabinet Committees "
171/4/2021Economy-1"• Economic Growth and Development
• Sectors of an Economy
• Evolution of the Indian Economy
• Types of Planning
• Planning in India
• Economic Reforms
• Inflation and Business Cycle
• Agriculture and food Management "
183/4/2021GS-FLT-2 GS (Full Length Test)-2
194/4/2021Geography-2"• World Geography
• Natural Resources
• Renewable Resources: Forest and Fish
• Grasslands and Animal Rearing
• Non-renewable Resources: Minerals
• Energy Resources
• Conservation of Natural Resources
• Utilisation of Natural Resources
• Major Crops of the World
• Manufacturing Industries
• Location of Industries & Major Industries of the Word
• Transport and Communication • International Trade
• Population • settlements "
208/4/2021HP-GK-4"• Art and Architecture
• Wildlife "
2111/4/2021Polity-3"• Parliament
• Parliamentary forums
• Parliamentary Group
• Judiciary-(Supreme Court)
• Judiciary (State) "
2215/4/2021HP-GK-5• History of Himachal
2318/4/2021GS-FLT-3GS (Full Length Test)-3
2422/4/2021Geography-3"Indian Geography

• India The Location Setting
• Relief and Drainage • Climate
• Soils and Natural Vegetation
• Regions of India • The Peopling of India
• Population of India: Spatial Distribution and Growth
• Population Composition: Demographic Attributes
• Population Composition: Ethnic and Socio-Cultural Attributes
• Human Settlements and House Types • Unity in Diversity "
• Chamba
• Hamirpur
• Kinnaur
2629/4/2021GS-FLT-4GS (Full Length Test) - 4
2702/5/2021Polity-4"• State Govt.
• Panchayati Raj
• Municipalities
• UTs
• Scheduled and Tribal Areas.
• Constitutional Bodies
• Non Constitutional Bodies
• Elections
• Electoral Parties
• Election laws
• Anti Defection Laws "
• Kangra
• Mandi
• Sirmaur "
2909/5/2021Geography-4"Indian Geography-II
• Natural Resources of India
• Main Features of Agriculture
• Manufacturing Industries
• Transport Systems
• Regional Development "
3013/5/2021Economy-2"• Industry and Infrastructure
• Services Sector
• Indian financial Market
• Banking in India
• Insurance in India
• Security in India
3116/5/2021CSAT-FLT-1• CSAT (Full Length Test)-1
3220/5/2021Economy-3"• External Sector in India
• International Economic organisation
• Tax structure in India "
3323/5/2021GS-FLT-5• GS (Full Length Test) – 5
3427/5/2021Environment-1"• Ecology • Ecosystem
• Terrestrial Ecosystem • Aquatic Ecosystem
• Environmental Pollution. • Renewable Energy.
• Environmental Issues
• Environmental impact Assessment
• Biodiversity • Indian Biodiversity
• Wildlife protection Act 1972
• Animal Diversity of India "
• Kullu
• Chamba
• Una "
3603/6/2021GS-FLT-6• GS (Full Length Test) – 6
3706/6/2021CSAT-FLT-2• CSAT (Full Length Test) –2
3810/6/2021Economy-4"• Public Finance in India
• Sustainability and Climate change
• Human Development in India "
3913/6/2021General Science"• Basic Physics
• Basic Chemistry
• Basic Biology "
4017/6/2021Environment-2"• Plant Diversity of India • Marine organism
• Protocol Area Network
• Conservation Efforts (All Projects)
• Climate Change • Impact of Climate Change in India
• Mitigation Strategies • Climate Change organisation
• Agriculture • Acts and Policies
• Institution and Measure • Environmental organisations
• Environmental Conventions.
• Environmental Issues and Health Effects. "
4120/6/2021GS-FLT-7• GS (Full Length Test) – 7
4224/6/2021CSAT-FLT-3• CSAT (Full Length Test) – 3
• Solan
• Bilaspur
• Lahuall Spiti "
4401/7/2021GS-FLT-8• GS (Full Length Test) - 8
4503/7/2021CSAT-FLT-4• CSAT (Full Length Test)-4
4604/7/2021HP-Gk-10"• Himachal Freedom Struggle to Statehood
• Economy of Himachal "
4708/7/2021GS-FLT-9• GS (Full Length Test) - 9
4810/7/2021Budget & Economic survey 2021"• Economic Survey 2020-21
• Budget 2021-22"
4911/7/2021CSAT-FLT-5• CSAT (Full Length Test) – 5
5011/7/2021GS-FLT-10• GS (Full Length Test) – 10





Prepared by team of Nimbus Academy for IAS



Rajeev Kumar

Deepak Bijalwan

Bhushan Rohta

Dr. Varun

Kirandeep Kaur

Kailash Pandey


Price List

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What will the starting date and schedule of HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2021?

The test will start from 2nd March 2021 and there will be 2-3 tests every week. Date wise Schedule is mentioned above.

How can I get the tests if I buy the Test Series online.

There are two ways either you can get through Mail or you can get all the Tests in our App  “Nimbus Academy”

How will I get the tests if I buy this test series offline?

Either we can courier you or you can collect from our branch. But courier charges will be   extra.

Is HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2021 is available in Hindi?

No, this year we are not Providing test series in Hindi.

Terms and conditions

1. Nimbus Academy reserves all rights to make any changes in HAS/HPAS Pre Test Series 2021 schedule/syllabus, if need so arises.

2. Nimbus Academy reserves all rights related to admission.

3. Students needs to provide HAS roll no. and details at officialnimbusias@gmail.com

4. Nimbus Academy has the right to publish the result for promotion, in case of selection of the students.