1. The gap between two neurons is called:

(a) dendrite      (b) synapse

(c) axon             (d) impulse

Answer: synapse




 2. Louis Pasteur was associated with:

(a) The theory of special creation

(b) The theory of spontaneous generation

(c) The theory of biogenesis

(d) None of these

Answer: The theory of biogenesis




 3. When the world Biodiversity Day is observed?

(a) March, 22

(b) May, 22

(c) June, 23

(d) April, 16

Answer: May, 22





4. Ultra-violet radiation from sun light causes the reaction that produce which of the following?

(a) CO

(b) SO2

(c) O3

(d) Fluorides

Answer:     O3




 5. Food cans are coated with tin and not with zinc because

(a) zinc is costlier than tin

(b) zinc has a higher melting point than tin

(c) zinc is more reactive than tin

(d) zinc is less reactive than tin

Answer: zinc is more reactive than tin





 6. A solution tums red litmus blue, its pH is likely to be:

(a) 1                 (b) 4

(c) 5                 (d) 10

Answer: 10





7.Which of the following has the highest velocity

(a) Cosmic rays                        (b) Light

(c) Electron                              (d) Supersonic wave

Answer: Light




 8. Einstein was awarded Nobel Prize for which one of his theories

(a) Theory of relativity

(b) Photoelectric effect

(c) Theory of specific heat

(d) Theory of Brownian motion

Answer: Photoelectric effect




 9. Sun is getting energy from which of the following?

(a) Nuclear fission

(b) Chemical reaction

(C) Nuclear Fusion

(d) Photoelectric effect

Answer: Nuclear Fusion




 10. The Xylem in plants are responsible for:

(a) transport of water

(b) transport of food

(c) transport of amino acids

(d) transport of oxygen

Answer: transport of water





11. Which of the following is not a component of chlorophyll?

(a) Calcium                   (b) carbon

(c) magnesium             (d) Hydrogen

Answer: Calcium




 12. Which one of the following in also called the ‘power plants house’ of the cell?

(a) Golgi body              (b) Mitochondria

(c) Ribosome               (d) Lysosome

Answer: Mitochondria





13. Which of the following Acts gave the Indians a share in the administration of their own country for the first time?

(a) Charter Act, 1833

(b) Charter Act, 1853

(c) Indian Councils Act, 1861

(d) Morley Minto Reforms,1909

Answer: Indian Councils Act, 1861





14. Of the following, who was the Governor-General only not the Viceroy?

(a) Lord Ellenborough

(b) Earl of Mayo

(c) Lord Nothbrook

(d) Lord Lytton

Answer: Lord Ellenborough




 15. When did the Akalis take the keys of the Golden Temple at Amritsar, and appointed a new manager:

(a) 1919

(b) 1921

(c) 1923

(d) 1925

Answer: 1921




 16. Which of the following was the paper of Annie Beasant?

(a) The Star

(b) The Dawn of India

(c) The Patriot

(d) Commonweal

Answer: Commonweal




 17. Anasuya Behn, one of Gandhiji’s main lieutenants, was the sister of:

(a) Ambalal Sarabhai

(b) Jamuna Lal Bajaj

(c) Ghanshyam Dass Birla

(d) Wallchand Hirachand

Answer: Ambalal Sarabhai




 18. Which of the following national leaders was to take up the case of the prisoners of the Meerut Conspiracy case?

(a) Vallabh Bhai Patel

(b) Rajendra Prasad

(c) Motilal Nehru

(d) M.C. Chagla

Answer: M.C. Chagla




 19. Of the following who represented the Untouchables in the Shimla Conference. Cpmvemded by Lard Wavel in 1946 ?

(a) Jagjivan Ram

(6) Jyotiba Phule

(c) Siva Raj 1946

(d) E.V. Ramaswamy Naicker

Answer: Siva Raj 1946




 20. Under whose Presidentship, the first session of the Indian Science Congress Association was held in Calcutta in 1914?

(a) Ashutosh Mookerjee

(b) Jagdish Chandra Bose

(c) Geogre Everest

(d) James Thomson

Answer: Ashutosh Mookerjee




 21. Who presided over the Amritsar Session of All India Congress in 1919?

(a) Motilal Nehru

(b) Lala Lajpat Rai

(c) Sir S.P. Sinha

(d) Sarojini Naidu

Answer: Motilal Nehru





 22. Of the following cities, where was opened the first medical college for women in 1916?

(a) Calcutta

(b) Madras

(c) Bombay

(d) Delhi

Answer: Delhi




 23. Of the following, who wrote a commentary on the Bible?

(a) Muhammad Qasim Nanotawi

(b) Sir Edwin Arnold

(c) Sayyid Ahmad Khan

(d) Vivekananda

Answer: Sayyid Ahmad Khan




 24. Where was the centre of the Ahmadiyas established in Pakistan after the partition of India?

(a) Rabwah

(b) Karachi

(C) Rawalpindi

(d) Peshawar

Answer: Rabwah




 25. When was the Kanya Mahavidyalya founded in Jalandhar by the Arya Samaj?

(a) 05 June, 1896

(b) 14 June, 1896

(c) 21 June, 1896

(d) 25 June, 1896

Answer: 14 June, 1896




 26. Which of the following is not correct about the Fariazi Movement?

(a) its founder was Shariat Ullah.

(b) It advocated the observance of the obligatory duties of islam

(c) It condemned the worship at the shrines of various Islamic saints

(d) Its leaders preached in Persian and Urdu only.

Answer: Its leaders preached in Persian and Urdu only.




 27. Which of the following Act/Acts removed ban on the missionaries to preach Christianity and annual grant of Rs. One lakh for education?

(a) Charter Acts of 1793 and 1813

(b) Charter Act of 1813

(c) Charter Acts of 1833 and 1853

(d) Charter Act of 1853

Answer: Charter Act of 1813




 28. When and where was opened the first female school in the Punjab?

(a) In 1850 at Lahore

(b) In 1852 at Jalandhar

(c) In 1856 at Rawalpindi

(d) In 1840 at Ludhiana

Answer: In 1856 at Rawalpindi




29 Who of the following, was a great British artist of the art of miniature paintings?

(a) Tilly Kettle

(b) John Smart

(c) Arthur Davis

(d) Johan Zoffany

Answer: John Smart





 30. Which of the following is correct about the Jamat-i-Islami?

(a) It was founded in 1940

(b) It published its literature in Persian and Urdu

(c) It brought out four periodicals

(d) It stood for universal brotherhood, hence it encouraged inter-religious studies

Answer: It brought out four periodicals




 31. Of the following, who was not the leader of the Hindu Mahasabha?

(a) Lala Lajpat Rai

(b) Lala Hardayal

(c) B.S. Munje

(d) Swami Shraddhananda

Answer: Lala Hardayal





 32. The Namdhari leader, Baba Ram Singh was the disciple of:

(a) Attar Singh

(b) Hari Singh

(c) Baba Budh Singh

(d) Balak Singh

Answer: Balak Singh




 33. Which one of the following indices in now used by the Reserve Bank of India to measure the rate of inflation in India?

(a) NASDAQ Index

(b) BSE Index

(c) Consumer Price Index

(d) Wholesale Price Index

Answer: Consumer Price Index




34. The following factor was not considered by the 14th Finance Commission in determining the State’s share in the divisible pool:

(a) Population

(b) Demographic change

(c) Income Distance

(d) Fiscal Discipline

Answer: Demographic change




 35. As per the report on India State of Forest 2017, what is the percentage coverage of forest area in the total geographical area of the country?

(a) 22.20%

(b) 21.30%

(c) 24.16%

(d) 21.54%

Answer: 21.54%




 36/ What is the purpose of setting up of small finance bank (SFBs) in India?

  1. To supply credit to small business units.
  2. To supply credit to small and marginal farmers.
  3. To encourage young entrepreneurs to set up business particularly in rural areas.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 and 2 only

(b) 2 and 3 only

(c) 1 and 3 only

(d) 1,2 and 3 only

Answer: 1 and 2 only




 37. Which of the five year plan was terminated a year before to its original term?

(a) Fourth plan

(b) Fifth plan

(c) Sixth plan

(d) Seventh plan

Answer: Fifth plan




 38. Gross fiscal deficit of the state Government is financed by

(I) Market Borrowings

(II) Printing Currency

(III) Loans from the Central Government

(IV) External Borrowings

Find the correct answer from the given codes:

(a) I, II and II are correct

(b) II, III and IV are correct

(c) I and III are correct

(d) II and I are correct

Answer: I and III are correct




 39. Consider the following statements:

The nation-wide ‘Soil Health Card Scheme’ aims at:

(1) Expanding the cultivable area under irrigation,

(2) Enabling the banks to assess the quantum of loans to be granted to farmers on the basis of soil quality,

(3) Checking the overuse of fertilizers in farmlands.

Which of the above statements is / are correct?

(a) 1 and 2 only

(b) 3 only

(c) 2 and 3 only

(d) 1, 2 and 3

Answer: 3 only




 40. What is/are the most likely advantages of implementing ‘Goods and Services Tax (GST)”?

  1. It will replace multiple taxes collected by multiple authorities and will thus create a single market in India.
  2. It will drastically reduce the ‘Current Account Deficit’ of will enable it to incease the foreign exchange reserves.
  3. It will enormously increase the growth and size of economy of India and will enable it to overtake China in near future.

Select the correct answer using the code given below:

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 and 3 only

(c) 1 and 3 only

(d) 1,2 and 3

Answer: 1 only




 41. Which Five year plan in India has recorded the largest gap in terms of growth rate between the service sector and the industrial sector?

(a) Seventh Plan

(b) Eighth Plan

(c) Ninth Plan

(d) Tenth Plan

Answer: Ninth Plan




 42. 5th South Asia Region Public Procurement Conference was held in

(a) Kathmandu

(b) New Delhi

(c) Dhaka

(d) Islamabad

Answer: New Delhi




 43. Which type of volcanic eruptions has caused Deccan Trap formations in India?

(a) Shield

(b) Flood

(c) Composite

(d) Caldera

Answer: Flood




 44. Which one of the following is the meeting point of Alaknanda and Bhagirathi?

(a) Vishnu Prayag

(b) Rudra Prayag

(c) Karan Prayag

(d) Dev Prayag

Answer: Dev Prayag




 45. River island Majouli is located in which of the following river?

(a) Ganga

(b) Yamuna

(c) Bhramputra

(d) Indus

Answer: Bhramputra




 46. Sutlej river rises from which of the following places?

(a) Verinag fall

(b) Rakshasa tal

(c) Rohtang pass

(d) Beas Kund

Answer: Rakshasa tal




 47. Which one of the following rivers is not a tributary of Yamuna River?

(a) Giri River

(b) Tons River

(c) Somb River

(d) Sirsa River

Answer: Sirsa River





 48. Which one of the following states has the highest density of population in India according to 2011 census:

(a) West Bengal

(b) Bihar

(c) Kerala

(d) Punjab

Answer: Bihar




 49. National Remote Sensing Centre is located at:

(a) New Delhi

(b) Hyderabad

(c) Chennai

(d) Dharwad

Answer: Hyderabad




 50. Which one of the following mineral is known as brown diamond?

(a) Iron

(b) Lignite

(c) Manganese

(d) Mica-

Answer: Lignite




 51. Which one of the following state in India has the highest proportion of population below poverty line?

(a) Odisha

(b) Bihar

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Odisha




 52. Amongst the scheduled languages of India, the smallest language group is :

(a) Punjabi

(b) Tamil

(c) Gujrati

(d) Kashmiri

Answer: Kashmiri




 53. Bhopal Gas Disaster is a kind of

(a) Natural Disaster

(b) Man made Disaster

(c) Terrorism Disaster

(d) None of these

Answer: Man made Disaster




 54. Who is known as the father of modern seismology?

(a) A. Vegner

(b) R.D. Oldham

(c)W.M. Davis

(d) None of these

Answer:  R.D. Oldham





55. The National Disaster Management Authority (NDM) is headed by

(a) Prime Minister of India

(b) President of India

(c) Governor of States

(d) Chief Minister of States

Answer: President of India




 56. The Bhopal Gas disaster occurred in

(a) 1980

(b) 2003

(c) 1984

(d) 2009

Answer: 1984





57. Wild fire in North America is known as

(a) Bush fires

(b) El. Nino

(c) Forest fire

(d) None of these

Answer: Bush fires





58. Which is the most landslide prone area in India:

(a)  Ganges valley region

(b) South Indian plateau

(c) Himalaya and North eastern Hill

(d) None of these

Answer: Himalaya and North eastern Hill




 59. The State Disaster Management Authority is headed by :

(a) Defence Minister

(b) Chief Minister

(c) Chief Secretary of the State

(d) None of these

Answer: Chief Minister




 60. Cyclones occurring in North Atlantic Ocean are called:

(a) Typhoon

(b) Hurricanes

(c) Tornado

(d) None of these

Answer: Hurricanes




 61. The name of the largest active volcano in the world is

(a) Mauna Lao in Hawaii

(b) Mount Fuji in Japan

(c) Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania

(d) None of these

Answer: Mauna Lao in Hawaii




 62. Intensity of an earthquake is measured by

(a) Modified Mercalli Scale

(b) Richter scale

(c) Seismograph

(d) None of these

Answer: Modified Mercalli Scale




 63. Which of the following countries has the largest transport system in the world?

(a) India

(b) USA

(c) UK

(d) Africa

Answer: India




 64. If Arctic ice is replaced by dense forest which of the following is likely to take place

(a) Acceleration of global warming

(b)  Deceleration of global warming

(c) it will have no effect on global warming

(d) It may or may not affect global warming

Answer: Acceleration of global warming




 65. Who among these is awarded Champions of the Earth’ award 2019 by United Nation Environment Programme

(a) UK

(b) Casta Rica

(c) Italy

(d) Spain

Answer: Casta Rica




 66. Which of the following is defined as a process of involving the local people in the protection and management of forests

(a) Environmental Management

(b) Joint Forest Management

(c) Energy Resource Management

(d) National Resource Management

Answer: Joint Forest Management




 67. Which of these describes the relationship between the global water resources and the human demand for it

(a) Water conservation

(b) Water Act

(c) Water crisis

(d) Water shortage

Answer: Water crisis




 68. In an island, the biodiversity is.


(b) High

(c) Neither high nor low

(d) Extremely low

Answer: High




 69. Of the following organisms, the one that is least likely to cause a disease is

(a) Bacteria

(b) Algae

(c) Parasitic Worm

(d) Protozoa

Answer: Parasitic Worm




 70. Which among these is an intergovernmental organization of eight countries?

(a) United Nations Environment Programme

(b) The World Bank

(c) The Stockholm Conference

(d) South-Asia Cooperative Environment Programme

Answer: South-Asia Cooperative Enviroment Programme




 71. As per Gender Inequality Index by UNDP Report 2017, India stands at a global rank of

(a) 125

(b) 126

(c) 127

(d) 128

Answer: 127




 72. Who among those is an Indian environmentalist and founder of Centre for Science and Environment

(a) Sunita Narain

(b) Anil Kumar Agrawal

(c) Indira Khurana

(d) Ramesh Agrawal

Answer: Anil Kumar Agrawal




 73. Upto which of the following sessions of the Congress, the Autobiography of Gandhiji is written?

(a) Nagpur Session, 1920

(b) Madras Session, 1927

(c) Bombay Session, 1934

(d) Haripura Session, 1938

Answer: Napur Session, 1920




 74. Who gave John Ruskin’s book ‘Unto the Last’ to Gandhiji?

(a) The author himself

(b) J.J. Doke

(c) Henary Pollock

(d) Kallen Beach

Answer: Henary Pollock




 75. Articles 36 to 51 of the Indian Consititution contain the Directive Principles of State Policy. Identify the Articles which have the scope of the Gandhian principles:

(a) Articles 37, 40 and 49

(b) Articles 39, 42 and 47

(c) Articles 40, 45 and 50

(d) Articles 40, 47 and 48

Answer: Articles 40, 47 and 48





76. In the opinion of Gandhiji, which of the following method is the best for the Conflict Resolution:

(a) Suppression of conflict

(b) Non-Cooperation and suspension of talks

(c) Mutual Dialogue

(d) Diplomacy

Answer: Mutual Dialogue




 77. When was the Civil Disobedience Movement called off finally by Gandhiji?

(a) 1930

(b) 1932

(c) 1933

(d) 1934

Answer: 1934




 78. Popularly known as Mira Ben, a staunch disciple of Gandhiji was sent to Delhi to apprise the Viceroy about the Congress Working Committee Resolution on the Quit India Movement. What was her real name?

(a) Miss Catherine

(b) Miss Ramaya

(c) Miss Durga

(d) Miss Slade

Answer: Miss Slade




 79. Of the following, who was the first recipient of Gandhiji Peace Prize?

(a) Mother Teresa

(b) Nelson Mandela

(c) Julius Nyerere

(d) Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan

Answer: Julius Nyerere





80. Which of the following is correct about Gandhiji?

(a) He believed in the maxim of that Government is the best which governs the least.

(b) There should be direct election at all levels.

(C) He believed that international peace is an utopian idea, as it can never be established.

(d) He raised his Voice for inclusion of Indian system of medicine in the list of U.N.O.

Answer: He believed in the maxim of that Government is the best which governs the least.





81. Department of Fisheries Govt. of H.P. under ‘Blue Revolution’ has envisaged construction of how many hectare new ponds and trout units in the State by 2022 ?

(a) 750 hectare new ponds and 750 trout units

(b) 1000 hectare new ponds and 1000 trout units

(c) 500 hectare new ponds and 500 trout units

(d) 2500 hectare new ponds and 2500 trout units

Answer: 1000 hectare new ponds and 1000 trout units




 82. Which of the following is the driest place in Himachal Pradesh due to rain shadow effect?

(a) Kaba

(b) Keylong

(c) Spiti

(d) Killar

Answer: Spiti





83. Name the Aryan king who defeated the Kirata’s powerful king Shambar in the war that lasted for forty years?

(a) Sudas

(b) Bhardwaj

(c) Divodas

(d) Vashisht

Answer: Divodas





84. ‘Praino’, ‘Jhanjrara’, ‘Damchalshish’ and ‘Doghri’ are the types of what, amongst the tribes of H. P.?

(a) Divorce

(b) Marriage

(c) Birth ceremony

(d) Death Custom ‘

Answer: Marriage





85. Which of the following fair was conceived by ‘W. Goldstein’ the then Superintendent of Shimla Hill States?

(a) Shivratri

(b) Minjar

(c) Lavi

(d) Nalwari

Answer: Shivratri





86. Which of the following battle was fought on 28 January, 1846 between the British led by Sir Harry Smith and the Sikhs led by Ranjodh Singh Majithia?

(a) Battle of Nadaun

(b) Battle of Sobraon

(c) Battle of Aliwal

(d) Battle of Sagauli

Answer: Battle of Aliwal





87. Who started a land revenue settlement in Chamba in 1876 which resulted in a considerable gain to the state finances?

(a) Mr. R. T. Burney

(b) Mr. John Harry

(c) Capitan Marshall

(d) Colonel Reid

Answer: Colonel Reid





88. Which Gram Panchayat of H. P. has been selected among 20 Gram Panchayats from all over the country for the national level Rashtriya Gaurav Gram Panchayat award 2017?

(a) Rajpur

(b) Bir

(c) Kotla

(d) Kuther

Answer: Kuther





89. Which is the highest peak of Kinnaur?

(a) Parasala

(b) Kinner Kailash

(c) Leo Pargial or Rio Pargual

(d) Manirang

Answer: Leo Pargial or Rio Pargual





90. Which of the following product is not registered under the Geographical Indications (GI) of Goods Act, 1999?

(a) Kinnauri Shawl

(b) Kangra Tea

(C) Chamba Rumal

(d) Sirmauri Loe

Answer: Sirmauri Loe




 91. Who amongst the following from Kullu was the member of an all women Navy crew named ‘Tarini’ for circumnavigating the globe?

(a) Lieutenant Payal Gupta

(b) Lt. Commander Swati P.

(c) Lt. S. Vijya Devi

(d) Lt. Commander Pratibha Jamwal

Answer: Lt. Commander Pratibha Jamwal





92. Who is author of the book The Himalayan District of Kooloo, Lahaul and Spiti?

(a) J.C. French

(b) Herman Goetz

(c) A. F.P. Harcourt

(d) E. J. Buck

Answer: A. F. P. Harcourt





93. Match the following lists and the correct answer from given codes be selected

List – I                                                                           List-II

I. 1st voter of Indian Democracy                                   (A) Jaiwant Ram

II. 1st Lieutenant Governor of H. P.                              (B) K. L. Mehta

III. 1st Speaker of H.P. Legislative Assembly               (C) Shyam Saran

IV. 1st Chief Secretary of H.P.                                      (D) Himmat Singh


             |        ॥       ॥         IV

(a)        D       C       A         B

(b)        C       D       B         A

(c)        C       D        A         B

(d)        D       C        A         B

Answer: C       D        A        B




 94. Who was the architect of ‘Gorton Castle’ at Shimla?

(a) Henry Irwin

(b) S. S. Jacob

(c) H. S. Harington

(d) C. H. Wilson

Answer: S. S. Jacob




 95. To meet the sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030, what aim has been set up by mowe enhance the forest cover in the State:

(a) 50% of its geographical area

(b) 35% of its geographical area

(c) 30% of its geographical area

(d) 40% of its geographical area

Answer:  30% of its geographical area




 96. What is the approximate contribution of tourism sector to the State GDP?

(a) 5.5 Percent

(b) 6.6 Percent

(c) 4.4 percent

(d) 8.6 percent

Answer: 6.6 Percent




 97. Which is the pass at an elevation of 4890 meters where roads from Zanskar, Ladakh, Spiti and Lahaul meet?

(a) Baralacha Pass

(b) Darati Pass

(c) Rohtang Pass

(d) Charang Pass

Answer: Baralacha Pass




 98. Who according to famous philologist Greirsson were the earlier known Indo-Aryans of the Himalayan tract?

(a) Kinners

(b) Khasas

(c) Kiratas

(d) Dasas

Answer: Khasas




 99. Who built the Bhutnath temple and founded the present Mandi town in 16th century?

(a) Raja Ajbar Sen

(d) Raja Bhawani Sen

(c) Raja Ishwari Sen

(b) Raja Suraj Sen

Answer: Raja Ajbar Sen





100. Which of the following paintings have got Geographical Indicator (GI) that has given them a unique identity in world market?

(a) Kangra Paintings

(b) Basholi Paintings

(c) Arki Paintings

(d) Chamba Paintings

Answer: Kangra Paintings





101. Who was considered one of the great masters of Pahari miniature painting, during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra?

(a) Nikka          (b) Manaku

(c) Nainsukh     (d) Pandit Seu

Answer: Manaku




102. Which of the following is the oldest princely state in H. P. which finds mention in the Mahabharata, the Puranas and the work of Panini?

(a) Kuluta

(b) Trigarta

(c) Kashgir

(d) Jalandhra

Answer: Trigarta




 103. Who built the temple of Goddess Naina Devi on one of the seven Dhars, now called Dhar Naina Devi?

(a) Raja Bir Chand

(b) Raja Bhim Chand

(c) Raja Bijai Chand

(d) Raja Amar Chand

Answer: Raja Bir Chand




 104. Which of the following district of H.P. was declared as a backward district among the 115 districts selected by the Govt. of India in keeping with its vision of a New India by 2022?

(a) Sirmaur                   (b) Chamba

(c) Kangra                    (d) Una

Answer: Chamba





105. Under Silk Production programme, a foreign species basic silk seed station is functioning at which place that produces commercial seeds?

(a) Bodh           (b) Nagrota

(c) Indora         (d) Jwali

Answer: Nagrota




 106. Which valley of Kinnaur is connected with Uttrakhand with several passes?

(al Bhabha Valley         (b) Baspa Valley

(C) Hangrang Valley (d) Tidong Valley

Answer: Baspa Valley




 107. In the year 1804 who was invited to invade Kangra (Sansar Chand) by the rulers of Bilaspur, Mandi: Chamba and other small rulers of Kangra area jointly?

(a) Maharaja Ranjit Singh

(b) Adina Bag

(c) Amar Singh Thapa

(d) British

Answer: Amar Singh Thapa




 108. Name the rule of Rampur Bushehr who received the Hangrang Valley from Tibet as a Jagir and also right so right to free trade between Tibet and Bushehr State

(a) Raja Shamsher Singh

(b) Raja Chatar Singh

(c) Raja Ugar Singh

(d) Raja Kehri Singh

Answer: Raja Kehri Singh




 109. Pin Valley has been declared a national wild life conservation park for the protection of which animal?

(a) Yak                         (b) Western Tragopan

(c) Snow Leopard         (d) Musk Deer

Answer: Snow Leopard




 110. The idea of Viceregal Lodge was conceived by Lord Lytton, yet first to reside there was –

(a) Lord Ripon             (b) Lord Curzon

(c) Lod Minto                (d) Lord Dufferin

Answer: Lord Dufferin




 111. Who was the first and only recipient of ‘Tagore Samman’ from Himachal Pradesh?

(a) Deepu Sharma

(b) Gambhari Devi

(c) Basanti Devi

(d) Kamla Chadda

Answer: Gambhari Devi




 112. In which village of H.P. the country’s highest polling station has been set up at a height of 15256 feet?

(a) Tashigang

(b) Gete

(c) Hikkim

(d) Losar

Answer: Tashigang




 113. Which of the following police station of H. P. became the first police station of the state to have been linked with a Crime and Criminal Tracking Network System (CCTNS)?

(a) Sanjauli Police Station

(b) Chota Shimla Police Station

(c) Women Police Station BCS Shimla

(d) Police Station Dharampur

Answer: Sanjauli Police Station




 114. Match list – 1 and List – Il and select the correct answer from the codes below

List – I                                                  List-II

(i) Rongtong Hydro-Electric Project      (A)Chenab

(ii) Baner Hydro-electric Project            (B) Satluj

(iii) Giri Hydro-electrict Project             (C) Ravi

(iv) Chamera Hydro-electric Project     (D) Yamuna

                                                            (E) Beas

Codes : (i)       (ii)       (iii)      (iv)

(a)        B          D          E         D

(b)        B          E          D         C

(c)        E          B          D          A

(d)        A          E         D         C

Answer: B      E          D         C




 115. How many villages have been identified in the State of H. P. during the year 2018-19 for creation of ‘Model Eco Villages’ an Environmentally Sound Sustainable Community Development Programme?

(a) 100             (b) 77

(c) 32               (d) 11

Answer: 11




 116. What was the plan outlay for ‘Roads and Bridges’ in H. P. during the year 2018-19?

(a) 955.14 Crore          (b) 262.55 Crore

(c) 430.85 Crore           (d) 324.44 Crore

Answer: 955.14 Crore




 117. On 15th April, 1948 which of the following princely states were merged into Himachal Pradesh without alteration of their boundaries?

(a) Chamba and Mandi

(b) Mandi and Suket

(c) Mahasu and Mandi

(d) Sirmaur and Chamba

Answer: Sirmaur and Chamba




 118. Which of the following river is fed by the Himachal Pradesh’s largest glacier Bara Shigri?

(a) Ravi

(b) Beas

(c) Chenab

(d) Satluj

Answer: Chenab




 119. Who was the ruler of Bharmaur during the later 7th century A.D. when the ‘Kashmiri Style of Art’ entered in H. P.?

(a) Aaditya Varman

(b) Meru Varman

(c) Lakshmi Varman

(d) Sahil Varman

Answer: Meru Varman




 120. Who were the earliest inhabitants of Himachal?

(a) Dasas, Nishads and Dasyus

(b) The Kolis or Mundas

(c) Mangoloid / Bhdtas and Kiratas

(d) Aryans or Khasas

Answer: Dasas, Nishads and Dasyus




 121. Who transferred the seat of Govt. from Brahmpura (Bharmaur) to the new capital founded at Chamba

(a) Aditya Verman

(b) Lalit Verman

(c) Sahil Verman

(d) Prithvi Verman

Answer: Sahil Verman




 122. Which of the following is not the breed of poultry introduced in the state to improve the quality of poultry?

(a) Rombullet

(b) Rhode

(c) Island Red

(d) White Leghorns

Answer: Rombullet




 123. The person and guiding force who motivated a master weaver Mr. Ved Ram Thakur a private entrepreneur to join Bhuttico was –

(a) Lal Chand Prarthi

(b) Gurcharan Singh

(c) Pratap Singh

(d) Bansi Lal Padha

Answer: Gurcharan Singh




 124. ‘Betas’ are the community of professional dancers of which district?

(a) Una

(b) Bilaspur

(c) Solan

(d) Lahaul- Spiti ‘

Answer: Lahaul-Spiti




 125. Which was the first play put on in the Gaeity Theatre?

(a) Time will tell            (b) Super Dead Man

(c) The Normal Heart (d) Awake and Sing

Answer: Time will tell




 126. Who amongst the following is not the everester?

(a) Prem Singh             (b) Radha Devi

(c) Sunil Sharma          (d) Ajay Sharma

Answer: Ajay Sharma





127. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Govt. of India sanctioned first Eklavya Model Residential School in H. P. was opened at which place of the State?

(a) Nichar                     (b) Udaipur

(c) Killar                        (d) Kaza

Answer: Nichar




 128. Match list one and list two and select the correct answer from the codes given below –

List One                      

(i) Siesta

(ii) The First Health Minister of India

(iii) Himavat

(iv) Sati

List two

(A) Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur

(B) Nicholas Roerich

(C) Amrita Sher Gill

(D) Norah Richards


(i)         (ii)        (iii)       (iv)

(a)        D          C          B          A

(b)        A          B          D          A

(c)        C          B         A          D

(d)       C          A         B          D

Answer: C       B         A          D





 129. First ‘Emu Breeding’ farm in H. P. set up by the ‘Easy Way With’ a multi level marketing company was at –

(a) Gagret                    (b) Gandawal

(c) Chauntra                 (d) Sarol

Answer: Gandawal




 130. ‘Telangi Selection’ and ‘Ribba Selection’ etc. are the local varieties of which dry fruit?

(a) Walnut                    (b) Pistachio

(c) Almond                   (d) Apricot

Answer: Almond




 131. Lahaul-Spiti district covers the largest area of the State of H. P. which comes to what %age of total area of the State?

(a) 24.85%                   (b) 21.55%

(c) 29.15%                   (d) 31.10%

Amswer: 24.85%




 132. In Rig Veda which of the following river is not found mentioned flowing through Himachal Pradesh?

(a) Yamuna                  (b) Beas

(c) Ravi                        (d) Satluj

Answer: Satluj




 133. Which of the following town of H. P. doesn’t celebrate the Dushehra festival by burning effigies of Ravana, Meghnath and Kumbhkaran?

(a) Rampur Bushehr                (b) Baijnath

(c) Nurpur                                (d) Una

Answer: Nurpur




 134. In which of the ‘Puranas’tho Kinners are said to be the inhabitants of Mahanan Mountains?

(a) Vayu Purana

(b)) Agni Purana

(c) Bhagvada Pura

(d) Shiva Purana

Answer: Vayu Purana




 135. Who was the first Europoan to visit Kullu on his way to Laddakh in 1820 A.D.?

(a) James Fraser

(b) Moorcrat

(c) Major Archer

(d) J.C. Davidson

Answer: Moorcrat




 136. Which of the following valley is called as granary and orchard of Lahaul-Spiti?

(a) Chandra Valley                   (b) Pin Valley

(c) Bhaga Valley                       (d) Pattan Valley

Answer: Pattan Valley




 137. Whero is ‘Chinmaya Tappovan’ in H. P. is situated?

(a) Manali                     (b) Dharamshala

(c) Nalagarh                 (d) Nadaun

Answer: Dharamshala




 138. To encourage rural and tribal girls to join school and study, the ‘Nelson Mandela Sadbhawna Award and Certificate of Excellence 2017’ was conferred on.

(a) Kinkari Devi

(b) Rajni Sharma

(c) Hem Lata Upadhyaya

(d) Shruti Gupta

Answer: Hem Lata Upadhyaya




 139. On which of the following railway route the glass roof see through ‘vistadome’ coach was introduced on 11th December, 2018?

(a) Kalka- Shimla

(b) Jogindernagar-Pathankot

(c) Nangal- Una

(d) None of these

Answer: Kalka- Shimla




 140. The Ministry of Posts and Telegraph has not released postal stamp on which of the following?

(a) Kayang

(b) St. Bode’s College Shimla

(c) Major Somnath Sharma

(d) The Ridge Shimla

Answer: The Ridge Shimla





141. which country recently took the chairmanship of G-77 (Group of 134 developing countries within United Nations)?

(a) Nepal

(b) Ethiopia

(c) Palestine

(d) India

Answer: Palestine




 142. Recently in news ‘Bishkek Declaration’ is related to.

(a) India-Maldives Agreement on Aviation Cooperation

(b) BRICS bank

(c) African Union Annual Summit

(d) Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit

Answer: Shanghai Cooperation Organization Summit




 143. Which former diplomat of India has been awarded with ‘The Order of the Raising Sun, Gold and Silver star’- the second highest civilian award of Japan?

(a) S.Jaishankar

(b) Nirupma Sen

(c) Shyam Saran

(d) Ajit Doval

Answer: Shyam Saran




 144. Which North-East India based Political party received the status of a National Party recently?

(a) National People’s Party

(b) Assam Gan Parishad

(c) Sikkim Democratic Front

(d) Bhartiya Janta Party

Answer: National People’s Party




 145. Which amendment to Constitution of India transferred the subject of ‘education’ from state list to concurrent list?

(a) 11th Amendment

(b) 39th Amendment

(c) 42nd Amendment

(d) 61st Amendment

Answer: 42nd Amendment




 146. Which of the following statements is not correct in relation to the Electoral Bonds?

(a) Only those political parties are eligible to receive electoral bonds which have received at least 1% votes in the previous Loksabha election.

(b) State Bank of India is the only bank authorised to issue Electoral Bonds.

(c) Electoral Bonds would bring a reduction in the cash donations to political parties.

(d) Even after the expiry of the validity period the Political parties can obtain payment upon submission of Electoral Bonds.

Answer: Even after the expiry of the validity period the Political parties can obtain payment upon submission of Electoral Bonds.




 147. Which place in the Southern India was recently in news for its local coffee variety, called Robusta Coffee, receiving a Geographical Indicator recognization?

(a) Araku (Andhra Pradesh)

(b) Chikamangalur (Karnataka) .

(c) Coorg (Kartanaka)

(d) Waynaad (Kerala)

Answer: Waynaad (Kerala)




 148. Consider the following statements about Asia-Africa Growth Corridor

  1. It has been jointly proposed by India and Japan.
  2. It is being seen as a response to China’s One Belt One Road project.

Which of the above statements is / are correct?

(a) 1 only

(b) 2 only

(c) Both

(d) None

Answer: Both




 149. Which states are party to the Mahadai river water dispute?

(a) Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

(b) Andhra Pradesh, Telngana

(c) Maharashtra, Karnataka and Goa

(d) Gujrat and Maharashtra

Answer: Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu





 150. Which of the following statements regarding solar energy manufacturing in India are true?

1- India is the world largest producer of solar energy

2- India has achieved its goal of 20 GW energy production four years before the target year 2022.

3- India doesn’t manufacture Solar Panels.

(a) 2 and 3

(b) 1 and 3

(c) 2 only.

(d)1 and 2

Answer: 2 and 3




 151. Recently NITI Aayog pitched the idea of Circular economy. What does it suggests?

(a) To hand over all the revenue collection powers to Panchayats and Nagar Plaikas.

(b) To allow family to decide over the use of the taxes they paid.

(c) To save resources by recycle and reuse the already once-used material.

(d) To increase the consumption of goods produced in the home state.

Answer: To save resources by recycle and reuse the already once-used material.




 152. Where did the recently concluded 24th United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change took place?

(a) Kotawince, Poland

(b) New Delhi, India

(c) Kyoto, Japan

(d) Lyon, France

Answer: Kyoto, Japan




 153. Which Indian has been recently conferred with the Legion d’Honneur (Legion of Honour) the highest civilian award of France for his work for specially-abled children?

(a) Kailash Satyarthi

(b) Bal Apte

(c) Francois Laborde

(d) Samundra Gupta

Answer: Francois Laborde




 154. Recently brought into operation, where is the India’s largest strategic petroleum reserve?

(a) Bikaner, Rajasthan

(b) Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh

(c) Puducherry

(d) Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu

Answer: Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh




 155. Which of the following is concerned with ‘Mission All Out’ ?

(a) To eliminate all the armed insurgents in Jammu and Kashmir

(b) To eradicate the diseases caused by Mosquitoes in the Urban areas.

(c) To ensure tax-collection from all the citizens eligible to pay taxes.

(d) Recognisation and banning of all the illegal coaching institutes.

Answer: To eliminate all the armed insurgents in Jammu and Kashmir




 156. Recently in news, White Label ATMs are

(a) ATMs where only non-cash transactions take place.

(b) ATMs which are owned by the banks but are operated and maintained by third party

(c) ATMs which are owned, operated and even maintained by third party

(d) ATMs which are owned by multi-national banks.

Answer: ATMs which are owned, operated and even maintained by third party




 157. On 27th March, 2019, India successfully tested its first anti-satellite missile. This operation was undertaken as part of which of the following missions:

(a) Mission Shakti        (b) Mission Raksha

(c) Mission Prahar        (d) Mission Prahari

Answer: Mission Shakti




 158. Which of the following statements in regard to the ‘Outer Space Treaty are true:

1 – It was accepted by United Nations Organization in 1967.

2- It is concerned with protection of moon, celestial bodies and outer space” from all forms of weaponization

3- India is still officially not the part of this treaty

(a) 1,2 and 3

(b) 1 and 2

(c) 2 and 3

(d) 2 Only

Answer: 1 and 2




 159. Which of the following committees are related to defence reforms:

(a) D.B. Shekatkar Committee

(b) Dillip Singh Suhag Committee

(c) Dilip Singh Bhuria Committee

(d) Baldev Pandey Committee

Answer: D.B. Shekatkar Committee




 160. Which neighbour country of India has signed MoU with India for training of its 1800 civil servants in India?

(a) Nepal

(b) Sri Lanka

(c) Afganisthan

(d) Bangladesh

Answer: Bangladesh




161. China is building the first of four most advanced’ naval frigates for which country as part of a major bilateral arms deal?

(a) India                       (b) Bangladesh

(c) Pakistan                  (d) Vietnam

Answer: Pakistan




 162. Which Indian recently became the world’s first woman amputee to climb highest peak of Antarctica?

(a) Arunima Sinha                    (b) Payal Rajput

(c) Shivangi Pathak                  (d) Anushka Verma

Answer: Shivangi Pathak




 163. Which European country hosted the 4th International Ayurveda Congress (IAVC) held in September 2018?

(a) Belgium                  (b) Russia

(c) France                    (d) Netherlands

Answer: Netherlands





164. Which of the following current bearers of one of the highest constitutional offices of the country wrote the book.”Moving on, Moving forward: One year in Office’? This book was released by PM Narendra Modi.

(a) President Ramnath Kovind

(b) Loksabha Speaker Om Birla

(c) Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Harivansh Singh

(d) Vice President Venkaiya Naidu

Answer: Rajya Sabha Deputy Speaker Harivansh Singh




 165. Which country has recently announced to launch Mars Mission “HOPE” by 2020?

(a) Oman                     (b) UAE

(c) Iran                        (d) Israel

Answer: UAE




 166. National Rail and Transportation Institute (NRTI) which is first of its kind institute in India for study of railways, has started to function at which of the following places?

(a) Vadodara                (b) Mumbai

(c) Chennai                  (d) Hyderabad

Answer: Vadodara




 167. India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge ‘Bogibeel’ has come up over which of the following major Indian rivers?

(a) Ganga                    (b) Krishna

(c) Kaveri                     (d) Brahmaputra

Answer: Brahmaputra




 168. 12-day long ‘Sagarmatha Friendship-2’ joint military exercise saw participation of which of the following two countries?

(a) India and Nepal

(b) Pakistan and Nepal

(c) China and Nepal

(d) Bhutan and Nepal

Answer: China and Nepal




 169. Which of the India based Automobile giants recently declared to become a carbon neutral company by 2040?

(a) Tata Motors

(b) Mahindra and Mahindra

(c) Maruti-Sujuki

(d) Honda

Answer: Mahindra and Mahindra




170. Which Asian country has proposed to be the third “strategic partner of the multi- billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) passing through PoK?

(a) India           (b) Afghanistan

(c) Iran             (d) Saudi Arabia

Answer: Saudi Arabia




 171. Which state has ranked 1st in terms of “Ease of Living Index” rankings launched by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA)?

(a) Odisha

(b) Andhra Pradesh

(c) Madhya Pradesh

(d) Maharashtra

Answer: Andhra Pradesh




 172. Who among the following has been appointed the new Chairman of National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) of India?

(a) Anil Manibhai Naik

(b) Sunil Arora

(c) Nishant Jain

(d) P S Chaku

Answer: Anil Manibhai Naik




 173. Which country has decided to include Hindi as the third official language used in its courts as part of a move designed to improve access to justice?

(a) England

(b) Oman

(c) Abu Dhabi

(d) USA

Answer: Abu Dhabi




 174. Who among the following has been appointed as Chairman of the National Commission for Socially and Educationally Backward Classes?

(a) Mukesh Bhut

(b) Bhargav Aditya

(c) Sudha Yadav

(d) Bhagwan Lal Sahni

Answer: Bhagwan Lal Sahni




 175. Which schedule of the Indian constitution contains the name of States and their territorial details?

(a) Second

(b) First

(c) Third

(d) Fourth

Answer: First




 176. Which article of Indian constitution reads, “It would be the responsibility of the Union to safeguard the states from external threats and internal disturbances”?

(a) Article 356  (b) Article 355

(c) Article 352   (d) Article 360

Answer: Article 355





 177. Bankruptcy and Insolvency Code enacted by the Parliament of India in Year 2016, was the based on the report by.

(a) Urjit Patel Committee

(b) M.V. Kamath Committee

(c) Hasmukh Adhiya Committee

(d) T.K. Vishwanathan Committee

Answer: T.K. Vishwanathan Committee




 178. With which of the following newspapers Mahatma Gandhi was associated as the Editor?

  1. Harijan
  2. Gujrat Darpan
  3. Indian Opinion
  4. Young India
  5. Times of India

Choose the correct code:

(a) 1,2 and 4                (b) 1, 2,4 and 5

(c) 1 and 2 only            (d) 1, 3 and 4

Answer: 1,3 and 4




 179. Consider the following statements with regard to the National Commission for Socially and Educationally backward Classes (NCSEBC) formed in 2017:

  1. It has been given constitutional status.
  2. It has replaced another constitutional body named National Commission of Backward Classes
  3. A new clause 338B has been added to the Constitution of India through a Constitution Amendment.

Which of the above statements is / are true?

(a) 1,2 and 3                (b) 1 and 3

(c) 2 only                      (d) 3 only

Answer: 1 and 3




 180. Which of the following committees of Parliament is concerned with the regularity and economy of expenditure?

(a) Committee on Privileges

(b) Estimates Committee

(c) Public and Accounts Committee

(d) Joint Committee on Offices of Profit

Answer: Public and Accounts Committee




 181. Which of the following recommended the abolition of IAS, IPS and other All-India services?

(a) Sarkaria Commission

(b) Rajamanar Commission

(c) Punchi Commission

(d) Ashok Mehta Commission

Answer: Rajamanar Commission




 182. Consider the following statements regarding New Development Bank (or BRICS Bank)?

  1. All the BRICS countries, except Brazil, are its members.
  2. It is headquartered at Shanghai, China.
  3. Presently it is headed by M. V. Kamath of India.

Which of the above statements are correct?

(a) 1, 2 and 3               (b) 2 and 3

(c) 1 and 3                   (d) 2 only

Answer: 2 and 3




 183. Consider the following statements about Attorney General of India:

  1. The person appointed as Attorney-General of India can do private legal practice while remaining on the post.
  2. He is eligible to sit in the both the Houses of Parliament, but he can’t sit in the Joint sitting of the two house.
  3. It is mandatory for Attorney General to resign from his / her post when the Government which appointed him/her changes.

Which of the above statements is / are correct?

(a) 1 only                     (b) 2 only

(c) 3 only                      (d) 2 and 3

Answer: 1 only




 184. Which country recently has become a member of the International Criminal Court?

(a) Scotland                 (b) Ireland

(c) Malaysia                 (d) Pakistan

Answer: Malaysia




 185. Which city won the award for being the cleanest city in India for the third straight year in Swachh Survekshan done under Swach Bharat Abhiyan?

(a) Bangalore               (b) Indore

(c) Mysore                   (d) Chandigarh

Answer: Indore




186. National Institute of Mental Health Rehabilitation to be set up at which state?

(a) Uttar Pradesh         (b) Madhya Pradesh

(c) Goa             (d) Maharashtra

Answer: Madhya Pradesh




187. Which state has declared the endangered species Indus river dolphins, one of the world’s rarest mammals, as the state’s aquatic animal?

(a) Punjab                    (b) Uttar Pradesh

(c). Bihar                      (d) Uttarakhand

Answer: Punjab



188. Which IPS officer has got recently appointed as the Director of the Central Bureau of Investigation? :

(a) Dinesh Rawat

(b) Rishi Kumar Shukla

(c) Sarath Chandra

(d) Rakesh Verma

Answer: Rishi Kumar Shukla




189. According to Transparency International, which state Occupied the top slot in the ranking of best practice states in Budget formulation?

(a) Andhra Pradesh                  (b) Assam

(c) Odisha                                (d) Bihar

Answer: Assam




190. Which program had Election Commission of India launched for verifications of voters names changes or corrections in the Voter ID Cards for the 2019 General Elections?

(a) Voter Paper and Registration Programme

(b) Voter Verification and Information Programme

(c) Voter Verifiable Programme

(d) Voter Registration Programme

Answer: Voter Verification and Information Programme





  1. Name the dedicated DD channel launched by PM Modi for Arunachal Pradest:

(a) Arunodaya             (b). Arunaprabha

(c) Arunakirana             (d) Aurunadarshan

Answer: Arunaprabha




 192. The ambitious project of under-construction Subarnarekha port is coming up in which of the following state?

(a) Andhra Pradesh      (b) Kerala

(c) Odisha                    (d) Karnataka

Answer: Odisha




193. Which famous the Indo-Canadian filmmaker recently got conferred with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television?

(a) Gurinder Chaddha             (b) Neeraj Gyanwan

(c) Shekhar Kapoor                  (d) Deepa Mehta

Answer: Deepa Mehta




194. Who is the author of the “Undaunted: Save the idea of India” recently released by Former Vice-President Hamid Ansari?

(a) P. Chidambaram

(b) Arundhoti Roy

(c) Sunil Khilnani

(d) Salman Khurshid

Answer: P. Chidambaram    





195. Recently National Green Tribunal (NGT) has put a fine of Rs 100 crore on a state government for its failure to prevent pollution of the rivers and canal of the state. Name the state?

(a) Delhi                       (b) Uttar Pradesh

(c) Tamil Nadu             (d) West Bengal

Answer: Tamil Nadu




196. The 40th International Annual Desert Festival held in which city? .

(a) Bikaner                   (b) Barmer

(c) Udaipur                   (d) Jaisalmer

Answer: Jaisalmer




197. Which Asian city hosted the Special Olympics World Games 2019?

(a) Seoul                      (b) Abu Dhabi

(c) Kyoto                      (d) Beijing

Answer: Abu Dhabi




 198. Who was recently recommended to be the first Lokpal or anti-corruption ombudsman of India?

(a) Dinesh K. Lokur

(b) Dushyant Dave

(c) Pinaki Chandra Ghose

(d) Mohan Chandra Swami

Answer: Pinaki Chandra Ghose




199. Where is the newly established Bankruptcy and Insolvency Board of India headquartered at?

(a) Mumbai                  (b) Chennai

(c) Delhi                       (d) Kolkata

Answer: Delhi




200. Name the ‘Young Scientist Programme’ that is launched by ISRO for school children.





Answer: YUVIKA