1. Thira Sujanpur was developed as a capital city by:

(A)  Raja Sansarchand

(B) RajaGhanamandchand

(C) Raja Abyaychand

(D) Raja Jaisingh

Answer: Raja Sansarchand





2. Which practice was known as Saradena among the Brahamins of Kangra ?

(A) Initiation into Learning

(B) Marriage of Halwaha’s daughter into a Nagarkotiya family.

(C) Meeting of Community Panchayat of Nagarkotiya Brahmins

(D) Grand feast organised on the eve of Holi

Answer: Marriage of Halwaha’s daughter into a Nagarkotiya family.




3. Who are kown as Bhojkis ?

(A) Family priests of Katoch dynasty

(B)  Priests of Jwalaji and Naina Devi Temples

(C) Reciters of poctry during marriage ceremony

(D)  Brahmins who got land grants from Thakurs.

Answer: Priests of Jwalaji and Naina Devi Temples





4. What is meant by Pabuchi , Pandvani and Bhataakshri ?

(A) Types of Scripts

(B) Wall painting

(C) Fabric

(D)  Woollen Garments

Answer: Types of Scripts





5. On what count Raja Aniruddhachand went to the extent of abdicating the throne instead of carrying out the bidding of Maharaja Ranjeet Singh ?

(A) Surrendering  the Kangra Fort

(B)  Payment of hefty Nazrana

(C)  To marry his sister in the family of Mian Dhyanchand

(D)  Conceding Harsh Conditions of Treaty.

Answer: To marry his sister in the family of Mian Dhyanchand





6. The only dynasty which has its genesis in Himachal Pradesh and does not owe its existence to migration from outside:

(A) Pathania

(B) Katoch

(C) Mankotiya

(D) Sen

Answer: Katoch





7. Mukhiya, Wazir and Mahar subcastes of kanets are found in:

(A) District Sirmur

(B) Shimla District

(C) Kinnaur

(D) Lahul

Answer: Shimla District





8. Who are the Ghiraths of Kangra region?

(A) Shepherds

(B) Weavers

(C) Farmers

(D) Traders

Answer: Farmers






9. Pandit Chandradhar Sharma Guleri’s father held an honorable position in Jaipur state. He was:

(A) Court Astrologer

(B) Head of Potheekhana

(C) Principal of Maharaja’s College

(D) Head of Toshakhana

Answer: Principal of Maharaja’s College




10. ‘Bhent’ and ‘Bihagra’ folk-songs are:

(A) Religious songs

(B) Pastoral songs

(C) Matrimonial songs

(D) Milkmaid songs

Answer: Religious songs





11. Customs of Chundavad and Pagvand are related with:

(A) Division of parental property

(B) Dowry given to the daughter

(C) Rituals performed for bountiful crops

(D) Offering to the village deity

Answer: Division of parental property





12. Kamala Rani and Roshani Devi have carved niche for themselves in the field of:

(A) Embroidery

(B) Wall painting

(C) Folk-song

(D) Carper weaving

Answer: Folk-song




13. In which district was Himachal’s first musc studio, “Sound of Mountains” established in the year 1986?

(A) Mandi

(B) Kangra

(C) Shimla

(D) Hamirpur

Answer: Mandi





14. The theme of Kinnauri folk-song “Tipsi Ban Thanee” is:

(A) Beauty of Kinnar  Lissom

(B) Usha Devi’s curse to beautiful Kinnar girl being envious of her beauty

(C) Welcome of newly wed couple

(D) Onset of rainy season

Answer: Usha Devi’s curse to beautiful Kinnaur girl being envious of her beauty.




15. For which literacy work Dr. Susheel Kumar Fulla was honoured with Himachal’s highest literacy award?

(A) Shadow of flower

(B) Smell of Soil

(C) Defeat people

(D) Khulti hui Paankh

Answer: Khulti hui Paankh





16. Eassy collection of which litterateur has been published under the title “ Bund Samani Samudra”?

(A) Ratansingh Himesh

(B) Prem Pakhrolvi

(C) Piyish Guleri

(D) Rajeev Kumar Trigarti

Answer: Prem Pakhrolvi




17. The litterateur who is known as “Dard Dhamotavi” happens to be:

(A) Harnamdas Dogra

(B) Deshraj Dogra

(C) Ramdayal Neeraj

(D) Harikrishan Mittu

Answer: Deshrai Dogra





18. In which manner Nobel Laureate Aung San Su Kyi has an intimate connection with Shimla?

(A) She graduated from Himachal Pradesh University.

(B) She stayed in Shimla as a Research fellow in IIAS for two years.

(C) Her doctoral thesis is about Shimla.

(D) She has been a visiting faculty in Himachal Pradesh Universiy.

Answer: She stayed in Shimla as a Research fellow in IIAS for two years.





19. Who has given orders to H.P. Power Corporation against felling trees in the heartland of tribal Kinnaur district?

(A) Ministry of Forest and Environment, New Delhi

(B) Department of Forestry, Himachal Pradesh

(C) National Green Tribunal

(D) High Court of Himachal Pradesh

Answer: National Green Tribunal




20. During the Riyasati era Minjar festival in Chamba used to commence with:

(A) Singing of Kunjari Malhar songs

(B) Presentation of Minjar in the temples of Raghuveer and Laxminarayan in early morning by the King

(C) Floting of Minjar and Coconut in the river Ravi

(D) Commencement of a grand procession from the palace.

Answer: Presentation of Minjar in the temples of Raghuveer and Laxminarayan in early morning by the king





21. Which pass connects Lahul region to Chamba district’s Bharmaur area?

(A) Rohtang

(B) Kunjam

(C) Kugati

(D) Baralacha

Answer: Kugati


22. ‘Thuppa’, the main traditional dish of Lahul valley is prepared particularly during:

(A) Winter

(B) Spring

(C) Summer

(D) Wedding

Answer: Winter





23. Which Temple’s Kardar (manager) happens to be a Thakur, whereas the priest happens to be a Lama?

(A) Trilokinath Temple

(B) Shikari Devi Temple

(C) Naina Devi Temple

(D) Hidima Devi Temple

Answer: Trilokinath Temple





24. For the prosperity and happiness of which state Guru Govind Singh performed Akhand Keertan for 18 years?

(A) Mandi

(B) Chamba

(C) Suket

(D) Sirmaur

Answer: Mandi





25. Johadji fair, the most popular fair of Solan district is associated with:

(A) Guru Hargovind

(B) Guru Amardas

(C) Guru Nanak Dev

(D) Guru Angad Dev

Answer: Guru Nanak Dev





26. What step was taken by the British government through Shimla manifesto?

(A) Announcement of war with Afghanistan

(B) Treaty with Maharaja Ranjeet Singh

(C) Establishment of the first church in Shimla

(D) Commencement of laying down of Kalka-Shimla Rail

Answer: Announcement of war with Afghanistan





27. Ruler of which state used to send compressed into ice and packed in pine needles and hay for chilling the wine of Mughal Princess Jahanara Begum?

(A) Suket

(B) Sirmaur

(C) Chamba

(D) Mandi

Answer: Sirmaur





28.The only hill chief who did not provide men and money to British government during the upheaval of 1857 A.D.?

(A) Ruler of Kahlur

(B) Ruler of Bushahr

(C) Ruler of Sirmaur

(D) Ruler of Mandi

Answer: Ruler of Bushahr





29. Who designated Shimla as the summer capital of British Empire in India?

(A) Lord Canning

(B) Lord Elgin

(C) Sir Jhon Lawrence

(D) Lord Lytton

Answer: Sir Jhon Lawrence





30. By whom Shimla’s designation as summer capital of British India was defended in the following manner – “It was only place in India where a viceroy could divert himself of the trappings of office”.

(A) Lord Curzon

(B) Lord Minto

(C) Lord Reading

(D) Lord Chelmsford

Answer: Lord Curzon





31. Which country’s National Anthem has been revised recently to remove its masculine bias by inserting into it the words ‘Great Daughters’ too along with great sons?

(A) Australia

(B) Austria

(C) Hungary

(D) Germany

Answer: Austria





32. By which Malala Yousafzai’s name has been suggested for the next Nobel Peace Prize?

(A) Asma Jahangir

(B) Mitehelli Obama

(C) Hillary Chinton

(D) Angelina Jolie

Answer: Angelina Jolie






33. The enormous increase in the brainsize of humans has been ascribed to the intake of cooked food by them in a recently published research paper by two Latin American Women Researchers. They belong to:

(A) Bolivia

(B) Brazil

(C) Venezuela

(D) Columbia

Answer: Brazil





34. In an Indian state 60 years old struggle of farmers for land rights succeeded recently when state government agreed to return 85000 acres of land to the farmers taken over by the British government. That state is:

(A) Bihar

(B) Karnataka

(C) Maharashtra

(D) Odisha

Answer: Maharashtra




35. Legendary astronomer Patric Moore (passed away recently) holds the unique record of presenting a programme continuously for 50 years in BBC Television. This landmark programme was:

(A) The sky at night

(B) The unfathomable universe

(C) Infinite universe

(D) Our globe and its neighbors

Answer: The sky at night




36. According to a new genetic study, Europe’s largest minority group Romani began their migration 1500 years ago from:

(A) West Asia

(B) India

(C) North Africa

(D) Afghanistan

Answer: India





37. At the heart of current political impasse in Nepal happens to be :

(A) Sharp differences about federalism

(B) Assimilation of Maoist cadres in the Nepalese Army

(C) Opposition’s insistence on changing the Prime Minister

(D) Renegotiation of 1950 treaty with India

Answer: Opposition’s insistence on changing the Prime Minister





38. Direct Cash Transfer Scheme will be launched in 51 districts across India from January 2013 with a rider that in the concerned district :

(A) 80% of population should have Aadhar Cards.

(B) It should be drought prone area.

(C) It should have experienced natural disasters for two consecutive years.

(D) Its inclusion in the scheme should be recommended by what area’s M.P.

Answer: 80% of population should have Aadhar Cards





39. British Prime Minister’s decision to reject Lord Leveson Report has evoked widespread protests there. Its key recommendation is :

(A) Establishment of an independent media regulatory body backed by legislation

(B) Parliamentary control over media.

(C)  Stiff rules to rein in undesirable activities of media.

(D) A code of conduct should be laid down to eliminate hacking practices.

Answer: Establishment of an independent media regulatory body backed by legislation 





40. Nobel Laureate of which field gave a touching human touch to his Nobel acceptance lecture in the following manner recently : “Two hours ago, the wife of General Secretary of Swedish Academy had a Baby girl. It is the beginning of a beautiful story.”

(A) Physiology

(B) Peace

(C) Literature

(D) Economics

Answer: Literature




41.What has been impact of Himachal Pradesh High Court’s judgement in Satinder Kumar and Other Vs Union of India Case ?

(A) Cement Plants in Solan district have been disbanded.

(B) Mega hydropower projects have been disbanded.

(C) Gurudwara at Pontasahib declared a protected monument.

(D) Religious functions cannot be performed in the Church located within the Rashtrapati Niwas.

Answer: Religious functions cannot be performed in the Church located within Rashtrapati Niwas.





42. Indian Railways are looking forward to technical and commercial cooperation with Jungfau Railway on all aspects of running the mountain railways. Jungfau Railway belongs to :

(A) Sweden

(B) Switzerland

(C) China

(D) Norway

Answer: Switzerland





43. The Gunwalking Scheme of U.S.A. has recently come under fire in the lower house of U.S.A Congress. It is related with :

(A) Liberal arms licencing  policy.

(B) Proliferation of fire arms production units.

(C) Strategy of allowing fire arms to be bought by arms traffickers of Mexican drug cartels.

(D) Turning Nelson’s eye towards Gunlobby’s activities.

Answer: Strategy of allowing fire arms to be bought by arms traffickers of Mexican drug cartels.





44.Preparation for the presentation of five centuries old ‘Chavittu Natkam’ is underway on a big Scale to be performed during a Grand Art festival having a span of three months. This is being Done in :

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Kerala

(C) Karnataka

(D) Odisha

Answer: Kerala





45. What is the eligibility criterion for availing benefit through “’ Indria Gandhi Matritya Sahyog Yojana” ?

(A) The beneficiary should be from SC/ST category.

(B) Should not have more than two Living children.

(C) Should not have more than two living children and should be more than 19 Years of age.

(D) Should be fro a BPL family.

Answer: Should not have more than two living children and should be more than 19 Years of age.





46. What is the role of Petrocaribe in the world energy sector ?

(A) It is an energy giant serving the former Soviet republics.

(B) An energy co-operation Agreement through which Venezucla supplies crude oil on concessional terms to 17 Latin American nations.

(C) African conglomerate of oil producing countries.

(D) Saudi Oil Company providing funds to the Salafis and Jihadists.

Answer: An energy co-operation Agreement through which Venezucla supplies crude oil on concessional terms to 17 Latin American nations.




47. A preppy lirsom Malvika Vaz, the only Asian selected for “The student on ice expedition into Australia”, and first girl to be a Naval Aviator for a day belongs to :

(A) Gujarat

(B) West Bengal

(C) Goa

(D) Karnataka

Answer: Goa





48. Nobel peace Prize awarded to Aung San Kyi become extraordinary in the sense that ;

(A) She was the first woman to get it.

(B) She accepted it personally after 21 years of winning the award.

(C) She was not allowed to send even her acceptance speech by junta.

(D) It was awarded for her relentless crusade against bonded labour and drug cartels.

Answer: She accepted it personally after 21 years of winning the award.





49. Which Hindi Classic film was recently added to Time Magazine’s ‘All Time 100’ list of greatest films made since 1923 ?

(A) Mother India

(B) Mughal-e-Azam

(C) Aawara

(D) Do Bigha Zameen

Answer: Aawara




 50. The language that has been added recently by Pope Benedict XVI to the Weekly Vetican address in front of the pilgrims :

(A) Mandarin (Chinese)

(B) Arabic

(C) Spanish

(D) Turkish

Answer: Arabic





52. Allepe is the largest city in which Asian Country that is going through a big political turmoil ?

(A) China

(B) Syria

(C) Lebanon

(D) Iraq

Answer: Syria





53. Adi Shankaracharya, the founder of ‘Advait Darshan’ was born at Kalady, it is in :

(A) West Bengal

(B) Tripura

(C) Kerala

(D) Tamil Nadu

Answer: Kerala





53. Sri Lanka is in the throes of standoff between the executive and judiciary because of controversy over ‘Divineguma Bill’. It means :

(A) Uplifting lives

(B) Cheerful lives

(C) Fragrant lives

(D) Wholesome lives

Answer: Uplifting lives





54. From which Indian state members of the Bnei Menashe community have been migrating to Isralel for the last seven years ?

(A) Kerala

(B) Manipur

(C) Sikkim

(D) Jharkhand

Answer: Manipur




55. Where are ‘Chintally Talks’ being held between the Afghan government and Taliban to facilitate a roadmap for 2015 ?

(A) Norway

(B) Iran

(C) Netherland

(D) France

Answer: France





56.The Parsi Panchayat Mumbai has informed the Bombay High Court that only a “Poor Parssi” is eligible for accommodation in a subsidized housing scheme of the community. According to it “a poor Parsi” is one who earns :

(A) Rs. 1.50 lakh monthly

(B) Rs. 90 thousand monthly

(C) Rs. 2 lakh monthly

(D) Rs. 1 lakh monthly

Answer: Rs. 90 thousand monthly





57. Contribution of which renewed judge of the Supreme Court was bailed in the following manner recently – ‘He believed that law was meant to serve the Last, Least and Lost and that was his constituency.”

(A) Justice D.N. Desai

(B) Justice O. Chinappa Reddy

(C) Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer

(D) Justice M. Hidaytullah

Answer: Justice V.R. Krishna Iyer






58. In the context of hoary spiritual heritage of Indian society who presented the following syncretistic view of secularism : “When Indian is said to be a secular state, it does not mean that reject the reality of an unseen spirit or the relevance of religion to life to life or that we exalt irreligion.”

(A) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

(B) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(C) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(D) K.M. Munshi

Answer: Dr. S. Radhakrishnan





59. The purpose for which it has been declared by the UN special envoy for Education that henceforth November 10 will be observed as “Malala and 32 million girls’ day”.

(A) To end discrimination faced by the girls.

(B) To step female foeticide.

(C) To educate the out of school girls across the world.

(D) To start a global campaign against domestic violence.

Answer: To educate the out of school girls across the world.





60. NASA’s curiosity rover which completed its first soil analysis on Mars has found minerals on the Red Planet to basalt volcanic soils in :

(A) Hawaii

(B) Iceland

(C) Finland

(D) Japan

Answer: Hawaii





61. A renewed Nationalist newspaper established in 1913 had the following lines on the top of its front page It was :

(A) Karmaveer

(B) Pratap

(C) Veer Arjuna

(D) Hans



62. In which year was AITUC (All India Trade Congress) founded and who presided over its maiden session ?

(A) Year 1930 and Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Year 1922 and Pandit Motilal Nehru

(C) Year 1920 and Lala Lajpat Rai

(D) Year 1925 and Vallabhbhai Patel

Answer: Year 1920 and Lala Lajpat Rai





63. “Operation Black Tornado” was launched in the wake of :

(A) ULFA Extremism

(B) Sikh Militancy

(C) Maoist Violence in West Bengal

(D) Terrorist attack on Mumbai

Answer: Terrorist attack on Mumbai




 64. Which prominent leader of Indian National Congress had predicted during an interview given to the Editor of “Chattan” (a Lahore Periodical) in April, 1946 that “If Pakistan comes into existence it will have to face some very serious problems from the very beginning. An incapable and incompetent political leadership will pave for military take over.”

(A) Mahatma Gandhi

(B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(C) Sardar Patel

(D) Acharya J.B. Kriplani

Answer: Maulana Abul Kalam Azad





65. Almost half of Rs. 21 lakh fund spent for the construction of ‘Gate Way of India’ at Mumbai was received through donation from a single family . It was a :

(A) Parsi family

(B) Jewish family

(C) Syrian Christian family

(D) Marwari family

Answer: Jewish family





66. In 1984 general election contest for which parliamentary constituency in West Bengal was dubbed as ‘Giant Killing Contest’ ?

(A) Jadavpur

(B) Bolpur

(C) Darjeeling

(D) Burdvan

Answer: Jadavpur






67. IN which present day Indian state progressive step of abolition of centuries old slavery system was taken first of all during the British era ?

(A) Andhra Pradesh

(B) Tamil Nadu

(C) Kerala

(D) Gujarat

Answer: Kerala





68. During British rule which factor signified the importance of Postmen in the Summer Capital of the Raj ?

(A) Postmen were given special bonus twice in an year.

(B) They got biannual LTC.

(C) They were paid more than teachers.

(D) They were invited to official functions.

Answer: They were paid more than teachers.





69. Practised in different parts of India. Patua, Worli and Kalighat are varieties of :

(A) Weaving

(B) Culinary art

(C) Folk art

(D) Folk music

Answer: Folk art





70. Which Bharat Ratna’s performance on independence Day was a highlight every year from 1947 till his earthly Sojourn’s Continuity ?

(A) Pandit Bheemsen Joshi

(B) M.S. Subbulakshmi

(C) Ustad Bismillah Khan

(D) Pandit Ravishankar

Answer: Ustad Bismillah Khan





71. Who was known as ‘Nightingale of India’ during the freedom struggle ?

(A) Subhadrakumari Chauhan

(B) Sarojini Naidu

(C) Mahadevi Varma

(D) Noor Jahan

Answer: Sarojini Naidu






72. According to Newar Buddhists Deepavali is an auspicious day for Saddharma because :

(A) On this day Siddharth Gautam attained enlightenment.

(B) It is birthday of Lord Buddha.

(C) Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism on this day.

(D) Emperor Ashoka sent his son Mahendra and daughter Sanghmitra to Sri Lanka on this   occasion Saddharma.

Answer: Emperor Ashoka embraced Buddhism on this day.





73. Who persuaded the river Ganges to descent on the Earth by his extreme penance ?

(A) King Raghu

(B) King Dilip

(C) King Bhagirath

(D) King Ikshvaku

Answer: King Bhagirath





74. Which day is celebrated as ‘Bandi Chhod Divas’ in the Sikh Panth ?

(A) Baishakhi

(B) Holi

(C) Vijaya Dashmi

(D) Deepavali

Answer: Deepavali





75. Which literacy work of Sanskrit depicts the geographical features of India in an enchanting manner ?

(A) Meghadoot

(B) Kadambari

(C) Raghuvansham

(D) Dashkumar Charit

Answer: Meghadoot




76. Who is known as Radheya among the prominent characters of Mahabharat ?

(A) Abhimanyu

(B) Karna

(C) Bheeshma

(D) Ghatotkach

Answer: Karna





77. Who accomplished the stupendous task of writing the epic Mahabharat conceding the request of Sage Vyas ?

(A) Acharya Brihaspati

(B) Mahatma Vidur

(C) Lord Ganesh

(D) Sage Narad

Answer: Lord Ganesh





78. Lumbini is a sacred place for Buddhists because ;

(A) Lord Buddha attained enlightenment here.

(B) Here Lord Buddha gave his first sermon.

(C) It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.

(D) Buddha attained Nirvan at this place.

Answer: It is the birthplace of Lord Buddha.





79.Who is among for the amelioration of the pathetic condition of beggars and ragpickers living in the Charran Khadda area of Dharmashala ?

(A) Lion’s Club Dharmashala

(B) Sisters of Charity

(C) Tibetan monk Jamyang

(D) Department of Social Welfare

Answer: Tibetan monk Jamyang





80. The order of the Supreme Court in the year 2006 in Prakashsingh case is considered a landmark order through this order the apex court :

(A) Laid down guidelines to make the police people friendly

(B) Laid down a series of seven recommendations to make the police force accountable to the citizen.

(C) Provided a roadmap to unfetter police from colonial mindset.

(D) Recommended through modernization of police force.

Answer: Laid down a series of seven recommendations to make the police force accountable to the citizen.





81. ON what ground Maulana Hasrat Mohani refused to sign the Constitution of india passed by the Constituent Assembly ?

(A) It lacked Indian ethos.

(B) States were made subservient to the centre.

(C) It was anti-people.

(D) It did not reject Gandhian ideology.

Answer: It was anti-people





82. Who asked renowned Cartoonist Shankar, “Don’t spare me Shankar”, showing the true democratic and liberal spirit at the very outset of India’s onward march as a republic.

(A) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

(B) Govind Vallabh Pant

(C) C. Rajgopalachari

(D) Sardar Patel

Answer: Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru





83. Veindavan Vastra, a unique tapestry that depicts scenes from Srikrishna’s childhood originated in:

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Gujarat

(C) Assam

(D) Tripura

Answer: Assam





84. Among the following who is a descendant of Maulana Fazle Haq Khairabadi who was exiled for life to Andamans for rising against the British ?

(A) Nazma Heptullah

(B) Hamid Ansari

(C) Javed Akhtar

(D) Rashid Alwi

Answer: Javed Akhtar





85. During the First was of Independence who exhorted the fellow Indians in the following manner?

In Roman Script _ Hamari rai hi I taiyaree kar rahe hain os Angrejan se ladvo bhaur zaruri hia”

(A) Rani Lakshsmi Bai

(B) Tatya Tope

(C)  Rana Beni Madhav

(D) Pehva nana Sahib

Answer: Tatya Tope






86. As a protest against which incident Rabindranth Tagore relinquished his knighthood?

(A) Partition Bengal

(B)  Exile of Lokmanya Tilak

(C) Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

(D) Hanging of Bhart Singh

Answer: Hanging of Bhart Singh






87. Who was the first to be honoured with Bharat Ratna postbumously?

(A) Indira Gandhi

(B) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

(C) Lal Bahadur Shastri

(D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri






88. Himalayan Pass Bomdila is situated in :

(A) Sikkim

(B) Himachal Pradesh

(C) Arunchal Pradesh

(D)  Uttarkhand

Answer: Arunachal Pradesh





89. In which state Kanchenjunga biosphere has been carved our?

(A) Uttarkhand

(B)   West Bengal

(C)  Sikkim

(D) Arunchal Pradesh.

Answer: Sikkim





90. In which Upanishad do we find the dialogue between Rishi Yagyavalkya and Gargi?

(A)  Kath

(B)  Ken

(C) Mundak

(D) Virhdarnyak

Answer: Virhdarnyak





91. In spite of being a secular state Indian Constitution itself has provided for grant from consolidated fund of certain states to Devaswom ( Divine Property ) Trust as a consequence to the merger agreement with ;

(A)  Jammu and Kashmir

(B) Tanjore

(C) Mysore

(D) Travancore Cochin

Answer: Travancore Cochin





92. Which constitution amendment virtually transferred Article 45 from part IV ( Directive Principles ) to part –III ( Fundamental Rights in the from of Article 21 A ?

(A) 86th Amendment

(B) 25the Amendment

(C) 73rd Amendment

(D) 90th Amendment

Answer: 86th Amendment





93. During which Prime Minister’s regime the right to property was excluded from the list of fundamental rights ?

(A) Rajeev Gandhi

(B) Morarji Dosai

(C) Indra Kumar Gujral

(D) H.D. Devegowda.

Answer: Morarji Dosai




94. The Five Yrar Plam is endorsed and reviewed by :

(A) The Union Cabinet

(B) The Cabinet  committee on Economic Affairs

(C) The National Development Council

(D) The Ministry  of Finance.

Answer: The National Development Council





95. Who can appoint an adhoc judge in the Supreme Court ?

(A)  President of India

(B) Minister of Law

(C) Collegium of the Supreme Court

(D) Chief justice  of India with the permission of the President.

Answer: Chief justice of India with the permission of the President.





96. Article 28 of the Constitution prohibits :

(A) Discrimination on the basis of caste and religion

(B) Spread of communal  hatred

(C) Religious Education in the government educational instructions

(D) Untouchability.

Answer: Religious Education in the government educational instructions





97. What is the principal ingredient of a pearl ?

(A)  Calcium carbonate and Magnesium carbonate

(B) Calcium sulfate

(C) Calcium oxide and calcium sulfate

(D) Calcium carbonate only

Answer: Calcium carbonate only





98. Peeling or cutting onion causes profuse tearing in the eyes because of

(A) Presence of sulphur in its cells

(B) Presence of amino acids in the cells

(C) presence of magnesium

(D) Presence of ammonia  gas .

Answer: Presence of Sulphur in its cells.





99. What is the role of iodised salt in the human body?

(A) To regulate the function of thyroid gland

(B) To activate the pancreas

(C)  To augment the working of Kidneys

(D) To strengthen the cells of mind.

Answer: To regulate the function of thyroid gland





100. Night-blindness is caused by the deficiency of :

(A) Vitamin ‘A’

(B) Inadequate intake of green vegetables

(C) Deficiency of Vitamin ‘B’

(D) Poor maintenance of eyes.

Answer: Vitamin ‘A’





101. Who was the first Indian savant to be invited to accept  the chair of original philosophy at Harvard University  ?

(A) Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

(B) Swami Vivekananda

(C) Swami Rangnathanands

(D) Sri Aurobindo

Answer: Swami Vivekananda




102. The first commercial civil aviation flight in India in 18th February, 1911 took place between :

(A) Allahabad and Naini

(B) Allahabad and Varanasi

(C) Mumbai and Pune

(D) Delhi and Amritsar.

Answer: Allahabad and Naini





103. Who commented about the inadequacy of Montagu – Chelmsford Reforms in the following manner ?

“It has dawned but where is the sun”

(A) Lokmanya Tilak

(B)  Lala Lajpat Rai

(C) Deshbandhu Chitranjandas

(D) M.R. Jaikar.

Answer: Lokmanya Tilak




104. “My ambition is to become Muslim Gokhle”.

Who once expressed his political ambition in the above words?

(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(B) Mohammad Ali Jinnah

(C) Mohammad Karim Chhagla

(D) Maulana Hasrat Mohani.

Answer: Mohammad Ali Jinnah




105. By whom Swami Vivekananda has been hailed as “the greatest gift of India to mankind” ?

(A) Sri Aurobindo

(B) Netaji Subhash  Chandra Bose

(C) Sister Niveita

(D) Rabindranath Tagore.

Answer: Sister Njveita





106. Defying the orders of Vicerory Lord Curzon , ruler of which princely state mustered the courage to remain absent from Delhi Darbar held in 1903 to celebrate  the coronation of Edward VII ?

(A) Mandi

(B) Suket

(C) Mewar

(D)  Baroda .

Answer: Mewar




107. Who was instrumental in establishing Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi by providing  Rs. 1.50 lakh in the year 1921 A.D.?

(A) Jamnlal Rajai

(B) Raja Baldes Das Birla

(C) Dr. Pranjeevan  Das Mehta

(D) Adamji Peerbhoy .

Answer: Dr, Pranjeevan Das Mehta




108. In which format ‘Hindu Swaraj’ was written by Mahatma Gandhi ?

(A) Diary

(B) Letters

(C) Dialogue between the Editior and Reader

(D) Essay.





109. Basically Hind Swaraj happens to be:

(A) An outline for attaining Swaraj

(B) A discourse on civilization

(C) A blueprint for Rural development

(D) Exposure of the menace of colonial rule.

Answer: A discourse on civilization.




110. What was the greatest achievement of modern civilization according to Mahatma Gnadhi?

(A) Invention of weapons of mass destruction

(B) Machines capable of mass productions

(C) Curtailment of distance of time and place.

(D)  Plenty of material comforts.

Answer: Invention of Weapons of mass destruction.




111. Who has given a stirring poctic expression to the sentiments that stirred the people before the first war of independence, 1857 in the following manners;

(A)  Makhanial Chaturvedi

(B) Balkrishna Sharma Naveen

(C)  Subhadra kumari Chauhan

(D) Mahadevi Verma

Answer: Subhadra Kumari Chauhan




112. What caption was given to the first American edition of Hind Swaraj published in 1924?

(A)  Sermon on the mount

(B)  Sermon on the sea

(C) Commandment of an Eastern Sage

(D) Vision of better world.

Answer: Sermon on the sea





113. What was the reaction of Mahatma Gandhi after going R.C. Dutta’s monumental work Economic History of India?

(A)  British rule was a satanic rule

(B)  The blood of country’s heart was being sucked

(C)  His eyes were moist with tears

(D)  British rule was a curse

Answer: His eyes were moist with tears




114. Which mental state is conducive ofr the renunciation of anything according to Mahatma Gandhi?

(A)  After the arousal of robust sense of duty

(B)  After realising the futility of material things

(C)  After finding better alternative to desired things

(D)  After brooding over the ephemerality of the material world

Answer: After finding better alternative to desired things.




115. When did Winston Churchill dubbed Mahatma Gandhi “Half Naked Faqir” of India giving vent to his intense disliking for Mahatma Gandhi?

(A)   During the hayday of Non-co-operation Movement

(B)  Amidst Civil Disobedience Movement

(C)  During Dandi March

(D)  During Quit India Movement

Answer: During Dandi March




116. About which book Mahatma Gandhi has commented that it has been written with “blood and tears”?

(A)  The White Slaves of England

(B)  The Kingdom of God is Within You

(C)  Unto This Last

(D)  A New Cursade

Answer: Unto this Last